Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I see Pally Tanking and Face Melting in My Future.

I ran Kara last night for hopefully the last time on Jandrae. I'm just over the drops there lol. That is such a petty reason but I've been running Kara once a week for 2 months and haven't seen the staff from Curator or the dagger from Prince once. I've killed Ahune about 20 times and have never seen his staff once. I've ran heroic Magisters and haven't seen the dagger or mace once. I'm having horrible luck with weapons and I don't want to farm honor for the S2 staff. 27k honor is a bit much methinks.

There are talks within Forsaken of a possible ZA team forming and running it every 3 days. I'd be down for that.. but for the time being I'm just going to play my new Horde alts.

Serpentina is the Shadowpriest I mentioned earlier. Last night I got her close to 14 but it was getting late. I also sucked it up and picked up tailoring again and leveled that up a little.

Vahl is my new Blood Elf Paladin that I'll be leveling as Ret until about 50 and then respeccing Prot from there on out. I had a Paladin last year around 34 but I deleted him. I was leveling as Holy like a tard and just didn't care for him anymore. This will be a nice change to switch it up between a DPS class and a tank.

I need to invest a couple solid hours of questing to blow through some levels for Serpe (rhymes with herpe, yes) and to at least get Vahl in to the double digits.

They'll be moving up slowly but hopefully I'll enjoy the level grind ;)

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