Thursday, July 3, 2008

When PuGs attack!

Last night I dinged 17 on Serpe but it was not without it's fair share of work.

I had some RFC quests left in my log and a group was looking for a DPS so I volunteered my services. The Mage in the group insisted on sheep pulling whenever they wanted to, regardless of who was AFK, and even pulled Taragaman. The only DPS they were doing was spamming Arcane Explosion even on one mob. The Rogue in the group seemed to know how to play but was overexaggerating quite a bit and cussing the Mage out for being stupid, for lack of a better term. It's RFC, not Kara, but yes.. it was very annoying having the Mage rush up in front of the tank, Fireblast something and then Sheep it while 2 other mobs chase after her. With her spamming AE until she was OOM it was pretty much impossible for our Concecration-less Pally tank to regain aggro.

To make matters worse, after we drop the first boss the group starts congratulating each other and starts to hearth out. Apparently they think this is the end of the instance.. all 4 of them.. all from different guilds. So that ended my first RFC run. Good times.

A T6 raider friend of mine ran me through RFC after he got out of Black Temple so I could finish my quests and then hopped on his 22 Druid to run SFK. He drug me along to heal (*GASP*) and everything went fine. I even got the Belt of Arugal to bank for 3 more levels. w00t!

That was the jest of my WoW evening. I hate lowbie pugs but they make for great stories. I'm sure I'll have a few more on my way up on Serpe!

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