Monday, March 31, 2008

I pity the foo'!

So apparently our server has adopted "MrT" as the acronym for Magisters Terrace to avoid confusion with Mana Tombs, much like what happened with Deadmines and Dire Maul. I'll admit it's quite funny seeing someone looking for a Healer for Heroic MrT.

Speaking of which, I FINALLY got the chance to run it on Veresitha. Wow. That's really all I can say is "wow". We only had 1 hangup but we had an amazing group make up. I have NO idea how anyone can do MrT on heroic without 3 classes that provide some sort of CC for the 3rd boss.

The trash was pretty similar to normal mode but of course hit harder and live longer. The bosses each provided a little something extra as well, with the exception to the 3rd boss.

The first boss now uses Drain Mana which needs to be interrupted or you're group will suffer a lot more AoE explosions after the crystal drain phase. The second boss spawns 2 orbs at a time instead of one & Kael'thas now has a Pyroblast.

I'm not exactly sure what the Pyroblast looks like because our group tore him apart before he had a chance to cast it. From what I've heard, he surrounds himself in a bubble that has it's own health pool and then starts the cast. The shield has to be destroyed and he has to be hit before the cast time is over or your tank gets hit for 65k and dies.

Our group consisted of 1 Arcane Mage, 1 Fire Mage, 1 Felguard/Demonology Warlock, 1 Druid Tank and 1 Holy/Disc Priest all geared for SSC/TK.

Overall it was a lot of fun and a little challenging but i'd still say Heroic Arc is the hardest instance to date since Heroic Durn was nerfed. It's not TOO hard by any means and provides a nice challenge for players that are at least in Heroic/Kara quality gear.

The only gripe I have is that the 3rd boss would be almost impossible without 3 forms of CC. This leaves out Elemental & Enhancement Shaman, Balance Druids (boo!), Fury & Arms DPS Warriors and without any of the Demon adds a Warlock is going to have trouble keeping their Succubus alive to Seduce after it breaks once. There is also the case of bad luck if the Warrior add charges her, she'll die in one hit. Fear is always an option but not a very good one unless you are specced for Curse of Exhaustion.

So far I've gotten the epic gloves from Kael for Veresitha. Shockingly and sadly they're better than my T4. My Shaman could use a laundry list of upgrades from MrT but so far only 1 has dropped for me with the +haste melee DPS cape.

I was also upset to learn that the Void Shatter enchant requires an upgraded enchanting rod which will take an arm and a leg to do AND it's on a 24 hour cooldown. WTF? It's the ONLY enchant to even use it so far as well. GG.

As for a Moonkin update, I ran SP last night and got a few more bubbles in to 62. The level grind is taking forever since 2-3 hours of my day is spent doing dailies on 2 different toons and that I ONLY play her when my wife and our friend Odo is on. Once we hit 70 though it's all fair game and i'll be playing Jandrae a lot more. I also won't be doing as many dailies once the SSO event is over.

For the final update, I just wanted to say that I'm proud of our little server of Silvermoon. A majority of the server are tools but our server is ranked 19th of 214 US servers as far as Shattered Sun Offensive progression goes. I bet that place is a NIGHTMARE on PVP servers. Oh, and I want to spec my Shammy Elemental for a little bit. I'm having horrible luck with Enhancement drops and could buy 5 pieces of Elemental gear. I'm also having horrible luck with Elemental pieces dropping too though. Not 1 piece of Tidefury so far T_T.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guild Drama 2: The Return.

When things go on behind the scenes and nothing is explained to the rest of the guild, players will form their own opinions based on what information IS being shared.

With that being said, what happened in SSC on Thursday night is a prime example. What was initially told to us is that "Person A & B are having connection issues" shortly followed by "Person A has left the guild". To clarify, Person A & B are married. Person A is our raid leader and Person B is our healing class leader. 2 major people in our raids success.

All that was known by the raiders is that Person A was upset that we would bring players in to the raid that were undergeared, specced incorrectly, not gemmed or enchanted correctly and that the Guild Leader overrode his descision by allowing said people to raid with us that night anyway. This upset Person A enough to say they've had enough, leave the raid group and eventually disconnect.

Based on THAT information, I made the descision that since Person A was a huge part of our guilds success and that I agreed with them that we should never bring in people to a 25 man raid unless they are geared and ready to go, that I would no longer raid as a backup unless this person was leading the raid. After all, the person LEADING the raid should have the final say-so in who is actually raiding with us.

Apparently others in the guild felt the same way that I did and responded to Person A's post on the forums in the same fashion. They felt without Person A's leadership, our guild would not be able to progress.

This caused quite the uproar and the officers felt it was necessary to explain the ENTIRE situation to us. I wish this was done initially but I understand why it wasn't. To them, they had no idea how this was going to play out while we were already in SSC and didn't want to give any misinformation.

Apparently the top guild on our server has the top Resto Druid on the server and they had stopped raiding. This Druid is friends with a few people from our guild and offered to bring his Druid to raid SSC with us. We already have 1 Resto Druid but just lost our best Resto Shammy. As luck would have it, this Druid also has a Resto Shammy alt and offered to bring him instead.

This was done on a moments notice with no time for preperation on the Druids part but Person A had told the other officers that the Shaman's gear was under what was needed for SSC, his gems sucked and his spec was off.. just not in as nice of terms. Again, this is the top Resto Druid on our server. He has raided SSC, killed Illidan numerous times and obviously knew a thing or two about raiding. Person A continued to belittle the Druid's Shaman alt and said that if he comes to the raid then Person A wouldn't be there.

Person A was against the Shaman coming.. the other 5 officers were for it.

On top of this, we had 1 Holy Priest, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Mage & our only Moonkin no-show the raid and our best Rogue was late. With 24 people the raid made their way to Lurker while, according to the officers that explained the situation to us, Person A was not DPSing, not dropping totems and cursing out the other officers in officer chat (in guild) the entire way. The officers asked if they could discuss the matter AFTER the raid to which Person A said there was nothing to discuss. Que him leaving the raid group. His wife, Person B, had told the officers she couldn't play under the stress of her husband freaking out & a crying child so she had to log out as well.

Que "Person A & B are having connection issues".

After leaving the raid group, according to the officers, Person A continued to curse out the other officers in officer chat while they tried to replace the missing people. With Person A & B leaving, that left us with 22 people standing around Lurker's fishing hole. This is when I was whispered to fill in. Also asked to fill in was a Druid friend of an officer/Pally MT and at the same time the above mentioned Rogue signed on and was brought in.

Finally, with 25 people, we pulled Lurker and wiped. With patch 2.4 came bugs and Lurker was no exception. Our MT was getting "target must be in front of you" issues while myself and about 4 or 5 others were being damaged by his Spout ability while we were under water. I was also being hit with Whirl while off the main ring AND underwater which caused an early death in the wipe. Our Hunters also reported LOS issues while DPS'ing from the islands. No idea why this happened but eventually we downed him and moved on to Tidewalker and wiped 3 times before calling the raid.

I feel this part of the story was important because after 4 hours of wiping with only 1 boss down everyone was in a crabby mood. This fueled the fire with us only knowing a tiny portion of the story and we blamed the nightmare on our raid leader not being present and our best Holy Priest having to log out (Person B). This, to me, explains why we felt the way we did. No one was explained anything and we formed our opinions with the little bits of information that we were given.

I was the first person to respond to the post saying that I wish I hadn't chosen a side without being given the full story but I still felt that this person was a core part of our guilds success in our raids and that without him it's going to be hard but i'm sure we'll pull through. I said that I wished things would be resolved but honestly I don't see that happening. I later whispered the same officer that explained the entire situation and said that even though I said I'm finished with raiding that until they find a full time Warlock that i'd fill in the spot because I owe it to the guild that helped gear and educate me.

Personally, there isn't much more that I can do but wait and see how everything plays out and I expect to be drug in to the raid on Sunday for 5 hours. I'll pick up some consumables and do what I can but I've already respecced and regemmed my toon to Demonology for solo-play and 5-man dungeons and will not respec/regem back to Affliction to fill a raid spot. I hope they like my Felguard =).

On a Moonkin note, I FINALLY played her for the first time since 2.4 hit and gained about 6 bubbles in to 62 but I didn't have a ton of time after the lengthy officer discussion on vent to do much else. Hopefully tonight I can run Magister's Terrace on Heroic with Veresitha and play a bit on Jandrae since, most likely, i'll be stuck in SSC tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Back On Track.

My last few blogs have had little to nothing to do with Jandrae but sadly I haven't had much time to play her since 2.4 hit us on Tuesday. I was surfing around and came across a really good Moonkin blog via Gray Matter. It's always refreshing to come across other Moonkin blogs that are still being updated. It seems that every blog I've come across hasn't been updated in months or has been cancelled altogether.

What I like most about it is that it's posted from the perspective of a player who is at similar raid progression that I'm used to on my Warlock. His blog is also full of useful information on up-and-coming Moonkin like myself and which gear to look out for.

A couple of key points that I noticed are:

Don't be afraid to wear cloth - This is something I haven't looked at too much myself. I try to wear as much leather caster gear as possible but honestly, why not choose cloth? Unless you're soloing, you shouldn't be getting hit much if at all. A lot of the cloth caster gear nowadays has stam on it anyway for heavy AOE encounters. It's also 10 times easier to find cloth over leather.

Smart Innervates - I work a lot with a Shadowpriest so usually one of us gets the Innervate. In groups I've always thought to save the Innervate for the Healers but apparently that's not always the case. I knew that it worked off Spirit-based mana regen so it wasn't ideal for Pally or Shaman healers that normally use MP5 or other ways to regen mana but I never thought to use it on myself. Innervate is on a 6 minute cooldown so if I know the fight could last longer, I should cast it on myself early on. This way the cooldown should be over when the Priest or Druid healer needs the extra mana. If your healer is a Paladin or Shaman there shouldn't be an issue casting innervate on you or a Shadowpriest over the healer.

Melee for mana? - I agree with Gray that this should be a last resort and some boss fights just aren't ideal. What I never considered was to carry around a Feral staff. "They have attack power for Moonkin for a reason" right, Gray? Not once have I thought of that. Equip the Feral staff and whack the boss for 10-20 seconds and go back to casting. Casting between whacks is stupid and ruins the 5-second rule of mana regen so avoid doing that.

Idol macros - This doesn't apply to me yet since I don't have more than 1 idol but there are macros to switch them in combat when you cast Moonfire, Wrath or Starfire. I fully credit Gray for these.

/cast moonfire
/equip [noequipped: Idol of the Unseen Moon] Idol of the Unseen Moon

/cast wrath
/equip [noequipped: Idol of the Avenger] Idol of the Avenger

/aftercast +start/equip [noequipped: Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess] Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess
/cast starfire

Also worth noting..

"There are a couple of things that make idol swapping macros difficult. 1. Equiping an Idol triggers the global cooldown (GCD). 2. Unlike a spell, an idol can be equipped during the global cooldown. 3. An spell's damage is calculated at the end of its cast.

What this all means is that if you write a macro that equips the idol after the spell cast, then you suffer only one global cooldown and still get the benefit of the idol. This even works for instant casts like moonfire.

Thanks for the help, Gray!

Guild Drama

Last night was an unusual night for Grand Theft Kodo. I had notified my guild that I would no longer be raiding but was asked to come to SSC. The guild leader had no problems that I had respecced out of my raid spec and was full Affliction, had no consumables and a whopping 9 Soul Shards so I knew they were desperate for help. They've done a lot to gear my character so the least I could do was help them when they needed it. I just hope they don't get the wrong idea and ask me to come to ALL of the raids. I stopped raiding for a reason.

My wife explained to me that earlier in the night we had a few no-shows and to fill the gaps they had invited people in to our guild and ranked them up to a raider without giving them a trial. This irritated our raid leader (who is not our guild leader) and he said that he refused to lead a trash raid filled with people who didn't belong in there and with new people who weren't even given a chance to prove themselves so he logged out and took his wife with him (who is our head healing Priest).

I totally agree with the guy. When I joined GTK I had to have close to full epics just to show that I was serious about my toon BEFORE I applied. I also had to run the gauntlet of doing numerous heroics with Officers to show that I knew my class and could follow directions and take criticism. I EARNED my raid spot. Pulling in people who haven't even sent in an application and instantly making them raiders not only shows favoritism, in my opinion, but shows desperation.

Dragging these people in to SSC on a moments notice without them reading strats or even so much as watching the videos is not only unfair to those of us that attend, wipe and spend money and consumables for them to learn the fights but also the guild. Like I said, I earned my spot. Nothing was handed to me or the people I raid with normally. This irritated our raid leader so he quit. Not only did he leave the raid group but he gquit shortly after.

Hopefully he comes back as he was, hands down, our best raid leader. Last nights SSC raid was blind without him and was a complete nightmare. If he doesn't there will be a large gap in our guild that I'm not sure could be filled by anyone else.

I had a bit of an issue last night as well. After notifying GTK that I would no longer be raiding I still attended the last 2 raids because I knew they needed help. They still had me listed as a raider and I was earning EP (DKP-ish points). Last night when we downed Lurker, the cloth boots dropped and they were a nice upgrade for me. I notified our Master Looter that I was interested in them and I hadn't spent any EP since our frist raid in SSC about 2 months ago. I lost out on them to a Shadowpriest (nothing against him. I like him and he's a great player) who has gotten 2 pieces of loot over the last 3 weeks.

Later in the night, Spyglass of the Hidden Fleet dropped off trash and I wanted it for my Demonology set. I lost out to a Druid (who is a close in-game friend of mine) who I know had a lower EP/GP ratio than me as well. I had no idea why but sometime in the last 24-48 hours I had been demoted to a "relief pitcher" which means that I cannot win loot, reguardless of my EP, if a player of "raider" status rolls against me. You're welcome for the help. GG.

After 4 miserable hours I did some of the SSO dailies on my Shaman and called it an early night. I worked early the next day (today) and needed to get some sleep.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magister's Terrace: My Thoughts.

Before I stepped foot inside, the first thing I did was look at the loot table in AtlasLoot. In normal mode, my Shaman could use a LOT from this place. On heroic, the gloves from the first boss are actually better than my T4 and the trinket from the 3rd boss is amazing for an Affliction spec.

My wife had ran it twice and had gotten up to Kael on heroic before I even got a group for it. According to her, a lot of CC was needed and heroic mode was "no bitch." Exciting!

Also worth noting is that at the time of this post I still haven't ran it on heroic so the details of that will come in a future post (hopefully tomorrow).

My first group consisted of me (Affliction Warlock), a Survival Hunter, an Elemental Shaman, a Holy Pally and a Druid tank. After 2 pulls I could tell that she wasn't lying about the CC issue and our Druid tank called it quits. We replaced him with ANOTHER Druid tank but didn't get any further than getting the 2nd boss down before the Shammy called it.

I took a bit of a break but eventually went back in with my wife (Arcane Mage), another Hunter, another Druid tank and the same Pally healer from before. We had MUCH better luck this time due to communication not being an issue. The previous Druid tank was not from our guild and was not using vent with us. This tank was our guilds main Druid raiding tank as well, so that helps lol.

We downed Selin Fireheart in one shot. He reminded me a LOT of the last boss in SV when he siphons energy from the crystals around the room. Once he drains the energy or the crystal is destroyed he does AOE damage until he goes OOM and then goes back to tank-n-spank.

Vexallus gave us a bit of trouble and we wiped twice before getting him down. He's similar to Curator where he spawns orbs that need to be taken out between dps phases. The catch to this is that whoever gets the killing blow on the orb gets a debuff that increases the amount of damage they take by 50% and adds a DoT effect to you.

If they get 4 stacks it's pretty much game over so you have to alternate kills through your dps and heal through it. This makes it hard for Pally & Druid healers since they have no form of party heals. He doesn't have a lot of health and all of the damage is Arcane so your tank can actually tank in DPS gear. It's a DPS race to down the boss before your dps takes a dirt nap.

We one shotted Priestess Delrissa who is like a mini version of Moroes, Maulgar & Karathress. The boss isn't lootable until ALL of her adds are killed but thankfully they can all be CC'ed. We sheeped the rogue, trapped the shaman type and banished the engineer to take out the main boss first and then picked off the adds one at a time. LOS plays a huge issue since you have to fight around a few pillars but wasn't really that though of a fight.

Finally we pulled up to Kael'thas Sunstrider. WTF happened to this guy? This fight, in my opinion, is the funnest boss fight i've ever done. It starts off as a tank-n-spank fight where he spawns an AOE effect every so often on the ground that everyone has to avoid. He also summons a Phoenix that needs to be nuked ASAP. Wherever the Phoenix is there is an AOE consecrate-like effect so all DPS needs to DPS on the move. Once the Phoenix dies, it spawns an egg that needs to be destroyed on a timer or another Phoenix spawns. At 50% Kael will toss everyone in to the air and deal 400 damage every few seconds while you swim around in mid air (awesome!) dodging water globes. If you hit the globe or the floor it's instant game over. Once his gravity trick is over, he kneels to the ground to take a breather and you can unload on him before he sends you back in to the air. From 50% to death, the tanks job is just to pump out as much DPS as possible since he can't be tanked while you float around.

Overall, the instance looks AMAZING and the tactics on the pulls and the amount of CC needed makes the encounter very on-edge and interesting. I liked all of the boss encounters and can't wait to give it a shot on heroic on both my Shaman and Warlock. GG Blizz.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2.4 is LIVE!


I want to be more excited, but i'm not. I like the patch content but not what happens after the patch.

My Warlock main has about 177 badges in the bank and the 2 pieces I need the most are boots and pants which are 175 total. Thats fine.. but I know the next few days are going to be full of instance server crashes, hotfixes and rolling restarts.

What I'm not excited about? Being asked to summon the slackers in to the instance instead of using the summon stone outside.

I am, however, looking forward to the new quests, new zone, new 5-man and new badge gear once it's unlocked. I am also glad that we Locks dodged a bullet for a potential nerfing of Life Tap. Whew!

There really wasn't much in there to effect Jandrae outside of the new badge loot and bosses dropping 3 tier tokens making it easier for me to gear her up. I do plan on taking her in to Kara but I don't know if she'll go any further since she's just an alt.

On a side note, my LW is up to 335 and my Skinning is close to being maxed out at level 62. Getting Maim as a new spell 62 wasn't very excited as a Balance Druid though lol.

Let's go see how the new patch treats my Warlock!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rugged Leather is FTL

Ran Ramparts and Blood Furnace a few times over the weekend and finished the quest for [Moonkin Headdress]. Also FINALLY found an [Idol of the Moon] for sale on the AH for 50g. It was a bit steep but I had been looking for it forever.

Skinning is finally maxed out and I've been farming ore on my Shammy to sell and fund Jandrae's Leatherworking. Speaking of which, I had a bitch of a time finding the pattern for [Turtle Scale Gloves]. Turns out the only NPC that sells the pattern is the guy who gives you the Tribal quest chain and it's a horrible spawn rate. I just picked up the mats and had someone craft me 2 pair. I am now, for the love of god, a Tribal Leatherworker.

I'm up to 285 Leatherworking and my god is Rugged Leather EXPENSIVE on my server! 18-20g per stack! I don't know if thats normal but I didn't skin much before moving on to Knothide Leather in Outlands so I'm having to either farm it or buy it. Farming ore in Outlands is 10 times easier and I can buy it in mass quantities that way.

I'm proud of my little Doomkin and the gear I've acquired so far. I can't wait to hit 64 and get the two leather caster items from Underbog.

My wishlist, however, is topped by these which is the main reason I took Tribal Leatherworking.

[Windhawk Belt]
[Windhawk Bracers]
[Windhawk Hauberk]

A friend of mine is helping farm the Primal Air's with his Mote Extractor while I up my Leatherworking. It's nice to have helpful people in the game =D.

Also wanted to note that I took the script off of Wowhead's website to add item mouse-overs to my blog. FTW!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hard Labor: Easing the Grind.

Picking up Skinning late was a nightmare, imho. Picking up Mining at 70 is actually quite worse.

My 70 Draenei Enhance Shammy is my gold farmer. I got his Herbalism from 1 to 375 in 2 days with no problems at all, albeit tedious, and I make a ton of money off him. I picked up Mining at 70 as well but it's been about 4 or 5 days and still haven't hit 375.

I've spent more time in Silithus farming Thorium than I spent there pre-BC when level 60 was the cap. I won't complain TOO much since stacks of Thorium bars sell for 20g+ and the dense stone is a nice bonus. At the end of it all, I'll have every gathering profession maxed to 375.

Here are a few things to make grinding gathering professions less of a pain in the arse.

Think of the money - Thats right. We all take gathering professions for 1 of 2 reasons. To further your crafting profession or to rake in the gold. If you need motivation to grind your profession, check the AH and see the possible money to be made. You can mine 3 Rich Thorium Veins in 20 minutes and make 60g on my server. Thats faster than doing dailies and shouldn't come with a repair bill.

Pace yourself with music - I have playlists made up of MP3's that lasts about 2 hours. When the playlist is over, I stop farming and take a break. Music will make your mind wander while you're skinning corpses of dead turtles (awwww) or plucking Terocone from Mother Outland. Before you know it, the playlist is over and "BAM!" you have some skillups. I try to aim for more Industrial or ambeint music instead of the normal fast paced Metal-ish stuff. It's much easier for me to farm listening to Skinny Puppy than, say, Slayer. Pick.. Pick.. Pick.. is always a better routine than ZOMGPICKHEBRZRAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Set goals - Trying to get from 1 to 375 overnight is only going to burn you out. Some people would rather get it all over with at once instead of pacing themselves but i'm not one to do so. Start off trying to get from 1-100 and take a break. Come back to hit 175, then 275 and up to 375. When I got herbalism up in 2 days, the last thing I wanted to do when I maxed it out was to go farming the next day. Setting up smaller grinding times will make it easier for you to want to farm when you finally max out your profession.

Don't be afraid to be lazy - Thats right. Be lazy if you want. It's your money paying for the game, after all. This is impossible with Herbalism but easier with Skinning and much easier with Mining. I had bored friends with 70's come lay waste to zones so I could skin the dead in a fraction of the time. With mining, pay attention to what level you need to smelt certain ore. The instant you learn to smelt, check the AH (if you can afford it) and buy the ore isntead of going out to farm it. Go back and smelt for the skillups and sell the bars back on the AH for a similar price to break even.

This is all I can come up with at work but if anything else pops up I'll be sure to add them to the post. Enjoy the grind, if at all possible!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello Outlands! (Revenge is Sweet)

My wife and I had about 3 bubbles to 58 so we decided to go grind out on Felboars and the buzzards out in Hellfire. 2 70 Horde tried to make our lives miserable by training mobs over to us and dropping Snake Traps. I still have no idea how a Snake Trap dropped on a PVE server can still attack the opposing faction. A ST from a 70 on a 57 really hurts.

I recognized the guild they were in so I sign on to my Horde toon and whispered them, asking nicely if they would piss off so we could continue what we were doing. This went on for about an hour until some friends of ours showed up on their 70's to taunt them. One of our friends brought his Hunter and gave them a taste of the Snake Trap bug and eventually one of them left.

We had the idea to flag so we could eventually just get it out of the way and get the Hordie killed. Eventually he tried to train a Fel Reaver over to us but he was dismounted and nearly killed until he bubbled.

I'd say no more than 20 minutes later, a 61 Undead Mage targets my wife and hits her with a Frost Bolt. I dropped trees on him and crit him with a 1500 Starfire. The stun procced and my wife nailed him with a Mind Blast crit to take him down. As soon as that happened, a 58 Tauren Druid that was stealthed Ravaged me for about 700 damage and then he got raped. PVP is going to be fun on my Moonkin at 70!

Afterwards, just for paybacks, the 4 or 5 70's from our guild that were around decided to go take out Thrallmar and did so for a good solid hour.

On a good note, I did manage to hit 58 and get my skinning to about 302 and I started my Tribal Leatherworking quest. Farming Turtle Scales is FTL! We did about 4 or 5 quests and got 4 huge upgrades with a staff, helm, legs and a blue chest from the quest to mark the towers over at Zeth'gor.

There is a BoE idol called Idol of the Moon that I want that increases the damage from Moonfire. There is also a leather helm from the BF quest at 61. It'll all come in due time, of course!

Last night was my final night raiding with my guild. There were some personal decisions that I had to make and I decided to make them now instead of waiting and it being twice as hard to do. The short end of it is that they raid too early and I'm falling behind in EPGP (DKP sort of) and eventually it'll get to the point where i'll be so far behind in gear that I won't be able to pull my weight. As a DPS class (Warlock), that isn't going to secure my raid spot.

Ah well. Time to concentrate on my BOOMKIN!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All ur skinz R belong 2 me!

A friend of mine brought his 70 Warlock with me to Un'goro last night for some dino genocide. My skinning is finally on par with the mobs that i'm killing at 290 and I should be able to get the rest of my skillups before I ding 58 tonight. 2/3 of a level to go!

All the skin is taking up a lot of bank space so I sucked it up and vended all of my Feral gear. I had a full set and mostly blues so I made a decent amount of money from it but I always regret selling off-spec gear. Ah well. It'll all be replaced at 58 anyway!

Hopefully I'll be skinning Felboars and running Ramparts sometime tonight!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Food for thought.

I don't normally do two posts in one day but I just read over at another blog something interesting about Nature's Grace.

With talents, Wrath becomes a 1.5 second cast. When Nature's Grace procs off of a crit it reduces the cast time of our next spell by .5 seconds. Since the GCD is 1.5, this proc is wasted when used by another Wrath spell during spams since you still can't cast Wrath more than once every 1.5 seconds.

Maybe making a stop-cast macro to cast Starfire when it procs might not be a bad idea?

So close, yet so far.

A 70 Pally friend of mine ran my wife, our friend Odo and I through BRD and LBRS last night. Didn't get any gear at all but gained 2 levels. Ding 56!

2 more levels until Outlands! I R EXCITED!

I'm trying to play around with different spell rotations to figure out which provides the most DPS. So far it seems like Moonfire, Starfire, Wrath until it's dead for trash mobs and Insect Swarm, Moonfire, Starfire x3, repeat on boss fights.

My skinning is still a little behind. 20 points behind as a matter of fact. All of the mobs we killed in both instances as well as Burning Steppes had to go to waste T_T. I need to get it up to at least 260-270 and eventually 300 before Outlands.

Since we're all levelling together I don't want to go kill mobs that still give XP so I have to run around until I find corpses and take sloppy seconds =\.

Hopefully I'll hit 57 tonight and should easily be in Outlands by this weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It burns when I PVP.

Now i'm not a Resto Druid by any means. I'm a lazor owl, nature cannon, boomkin, doomkin, what-have-you.. BUT.. I hate when classes get nerfed in PVE over something that happens in PVP.

Such is the case with Lifebloom losing 8% of it's bonus healing because the devs at Blizzard feel it's to powerful in Arena. Lamesauce. What this does is make it harder for Stickform Druids to heal in PVE, as explained by Lifebloomer.

Even if I were a Shaman or a Warlock (of which I am actually both) I wouldn't appreciate it when other classes get a PVE nerf because of PVP.

Thanks to Leafshine for the banner to post on blogs and forums to protest not only the current Druid nerf but for me to protest PVP nerfs that affect PVE in general.

There is something about stacks of dead animal flesh in my bank..

I swore that i'd never take another crafting profession again after getting two tailors to 375. I already have an Herbalist & Miner with my Shaman. My Druid's Alchemy was up to about 112 but her Herbalism was only 2. Thats right.. 2.

See, months ago when I started Jandrae, a friend of mine in-game was just picking up Herbalism for his newly 70 Shaman. He didn't want any of the herbs until he got to Outlands so he gave them all to me to up my Alchemy. 112 was as high as I could get with his herbs but I was too lazy to go farm at level 30-ish.

The other night I was looking through the Tribal Leatherworking stuff and found a few nice epic pieces for level 70 that wouldn't be to hard to farm for, so I dropped Herbalism and Alchemy and picked up Leatherworking and Skinning.

After following people in Ashenvale & STV for a few hours I finally got to 225 Skinning and used the leather to hit 180 Leatherworking. Grinding out LW is a lot like tailoring in the sense that you only level up to the point of being able to make new bolts of cloth, then making nothing but those bolts until they turn gray. With LW, it's the same way with making items until you can learn to cure certain types of hide or convert leather in to a higher grade of leather and then doing only that until it turns gray.

At this rate I hope to be in Outlands sometime this weekend. I'm off for 3 days and would like nothing more than to rake in some of those caster leather quest rewards!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Commence Doomfire Spamming!

Alrighty! The blog is started so it's time to let the cat out of the bag. This isn't my main. Sad, I know, but I raid as a Human Warlock in the same guild 3 nights a week. This is my escape character. I can do what I want, spec how I want, /lol at whoever I want to without feeling like I have some sort of commitment to stand by.

I leveled as Balance from 10 up until about 45. I don't know if I was burnt out or what but I took about 2 months off to level my Shaman to 70 and play around with him for a bit. My wife and one of our good in-game friends had alts around that level and it gave me an excuse to play her. I took about 25g and respecced/regeared Feral. That lasted til about 50 and I went back to being a Boomkin.

I've been playing WoW overall for about 2 years now. I started on the Horde side with a Mage, then a Warrior and finally a Warlock. The Horde side on our server kinda sucked so some friends and I rerolled as Alliance to raid. I stuck with the Warlock and got another one to 70 (the one I raid with now) but I still am an altaholic.

I love the Boomkin spec and I think what appeals to me the most about eventually having a 70 Boomkin is how to acquire the gear. I love instances and heroics and there is a TON of gear for us in there. Add that to the badge gear and a piece of Kurenai rep gear and i'll be occupied for quite some time.

At the time of this post I am level 53. I hope to be 70 sometime soon so I can get the fun parts started. I'll be using this blog to talk about the misadventures that occur and the /lol'ing I get from peers, guildies and R-tards as well as things i've learned and strats for certain things. Hopefully I'll keep with this!