Monday, July 7, 2008

Done and Done.

I'm done with raiding and have gone back to the Horde side to play my Shadowpriest with some friends. I'll still do Kara once a week but thats about it on the Alliance side for now.

This is my new blog about leveling my priest.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Slowly Crawling.

Spent quite a bit of time on Serpentina last night and got her to 22. I'm trying to finish out the last few Ghostlands quests before making my way to Tarren Mill. I don't think I'm going to have a lot of play time tonight on her since Forsaken is wanting me to run Kara on Mutoh. Boo!

I'm quite enjoying my little Shadowpriest so far and the leveling spec I found online is working out nicely. I'm going through levels much faster than I ever did on Telura when I leveled fully Shadow specced. 5/5 Wand Specialization makes a huge difference but I had always laughed it off before I knew just how much wanding a low level priest does. I always want to go all in to Shadow to get Mind Flay at 20 since I'm a sucker for new spells but honestly the damage sucked and apparently continues to suck until the level 36 upgrade.

At the moment I have 5/5 Spirit Tap, 5/5 Wand Specialization, 2/2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain and 1/5 Shadow Focus. Apparently I should have put the 2 points from Imp SW:P in to Blackout because those extra 2 ticks never really occur since the mobs die so quick at my level. It should be included in my respec at 40 but not for a leveling build. DOH!

I can't wait to get her to 40 so I can respec for Shadowform and stop healing instances all the time. I'm sure healing instances is far from over for me but it's hard to convince a lowbie group that I can DPS for SFK just fine. I think having Shadowform truely defines to your group that you are not a healer and can hold your own in DPS.

I took a break from her for about 3 hours last night when my wife and her friends needed a DPS for normal SP and UB. I took my Fury Warrior, Adiar, and finished the quests I had inside. I haven't played Adi in quite awhile. I leveled her with an Elemental Shaman friend of mine but he stopped playing that toon to work on a Hunter alt. Soloing as a Warrior is quite possibly the most boring thing to do in WoW aside from leveling a healer so I benched her, hoping to someday come back and get her to 70.

Honestly, I can't stand melee classes. I'm a caster at heart and could easily level another caster or 2 to 70 with no problems but I just can't seem to get in to the melee classes. I leveled my Shaman as Enhancement because there wasn't any caster gear.. but once their was, I respecced him and kept him Elemental. I had a Horde Rogue at 27 for months and months until I finally deleted him. I gave the Rogue class a 2nd try but deleted him around level 12.

I've tried Hunters numerous times and even though they attack from afar it still feels too melee to me and I can't get in to them. I've deleted at least 6 around level 11. I even went as far as to go out of my way to get a pet that I think looked cool and sounded fun but it just didn't hold my interest. I don't think it was the micromanagement of the pets so much as the boring gameplay and looking at my wife's 65 Hunter, spamming a Stead Shot macro just doesn't seem appealing to me at all.

The only 2 casters left for me to level are Shadowpriests and Mages.. both of which I've tried a few times and gotten them between 35-40 but can't seem to finish them off. Not because I dislike the classes but usually due to WoW burnout phases. I'm determined to get Serpe to 70 before WOTLK but the Mage is going to have to wait. I have a 25 Blood Elf Mage that I'd consider transferring from Sisters of Elune over to Silvermoon just to save me about 3 days worth of replaying the same crap again but that won't happen anytime soon.

The bottom line is that I'll still do Kara once a week but my main priority at the moment is Serpentina. I've gotten a good welcome back on the Horde side from the friends I had that didn't reroll Alliance with us back in November so at least I'm not completely alone. Twysted has been tanking instances for me on Splendour, his Druid, and Nobs has a twink Warlock he took with us to SFK. It's been fun and it's holding my interest.. I just hope I don't burn out again too soon.

Oh yeah.. the blogs name will be changing.. to what, I don't know, but it'll be changing. Since I stopped raiding on Jandrae there will be a lot less focus on Moonkin blogging and more focus on my Shadowpriest.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

10 Most Memorable WoW Moments?

I saw this posted on Gnomeaggedon's page and thought the idea was awesome. I've had my fair share of good moments in WoW but these are the 10 that stick out with me the most.

Naked Tauren Dancing - An old friend of mine whom I don't communicate with anymore actually started my wife and I on WoW. He and his girlfriend were RL friends of ours and convinced us to finally start playing with them on the Horde side of Silvermoon. I had never seen a Tauren before but when he met up with my wife's Rogue and my Mage in Orgrimmar he was buck naked and dancing near a fire. Seeing a naked Tauren doing the "peanut butter jelly time" dance made me ROFL for a good solid 20 minutes. I still have the screen cap of the 3 of us dancing naked by an Orgimmar fire sitting around on my PC somewhere.

Downing Hakkar - Our guilds first raid was ZG. It was our 3rd week in there and we had already cleared the other bosses before but always had to call it due to people leaving. We subbed in a few people from another guild and managed to down Hakkar on the first shot. What stands out the most in my mind is that a hunter friend of ours, Xuda, was in charge of Hunter-pulling the Son of Hakkar's up the ramp to be killed so we could poison ourselves but was AFK during the entire explaination.. and the whole boss fight. Turns out another Hunter did this and we made short work of Hakkar but noticed in the screencap that Xuda was still AFK after the entire thing. It was an ongoing joke in Mente Conceptus for a very very long time.

Sisterfister - After shuffling around a few alts and not really finding my niche' in WoW, some guildies in Mente decided to reroll on a PVP server that a friend of ours roomate that played on. I wanted a character with a retarded name so when I killed people they would say "I just got ganked by XXXXX!!!". Sisterfister was absurd and offensive enough and I created an Orc Warlock with the name. I honestly loved the class and had a blast playing him that when we all left the PVP server (around level 26) I had made another Warlock back on Silvermoon that eventually became my first 60 (pre BC), Abigore. So Sisterfister, who was meant to be nothing more than an offensive name on a PVP server, is the entire reason I have 2 70 Warlocks to this day and still consider it my favorite class.

BoP the tank? - During a routine farming run of the first 4 bosses in SSC we pulled Tidewalker. The fight was going smoothly as always until about 4% when suddenly he starts going apeshit on the raid and picking people off one by one. Our vent channel starts going ballistic trying to figure out what had happened when eventually it came out. Turns out that one of my best in-game friends, Call, who was a Holy Pally in the raid, had still had the tank targetted when he went to BoP someone who was getting torn apart by murlocs and cast Blessing of Protection on him, wiping his aggro completely and causing Tidewalker to destroy the raid. Mass amounts of laughter ensued and it's still an ongoing joke today.

Axe of Directions - Drim and Call are brothers and usually play together. When I met them, Drim was an Orc Warrior and Call was a Tauren Druid Moonkin. They were trying to find something in-game and Call was going all sorts of the wrong way, blaming his Treants for giving him wrong directions. Drim claimed that his axe gives better directions but the way it was portrayed in guild chat was hilarious.

Pull over! - After the BC expansion came out and all the quest reward gear looked awful, Drim, my wife's Rogue Evissia and my Warlock Abigore all got outfits that made us look like park rangers. We pretended to be cops and would run around Undercity giving people tickets for riding their mounts indoors. We've done some stupid stuff over the years but this takes the cake. It only got worse once Drim gave Evissia a Riding Crop for her birthday and our Rogue friend Shadowslip gave her a club weapon that looked like a nightstick. COPS! Undercity: On Patrol.

We come from SPACE! - This was very similar to the above mentioned act except it was only Drim and my Warlock, Abigore. We both had the rocket helm quest reward from Netherstorm and got wore nothing BUT that in Undercity. We would find one person and constantly follow them around, claiming to be from space and looking for our spaceship. If they wouldn't give information we'd threaten to probe them. We eventually found one person who would NOT stop running from us so we would duck behind a corner, put all of our gear back on and step back out like nothing had happened, asking this person if they had seen 2 aliens running around. This went on for a good solid hour.

Rerolling as Alliance - After coming back from a 1 month break, my wife and I noticed that our Horde guild had dwindled down in numbers and that Call and Twysted (some of our closest friends in-game) had joined other guilds to raid. Shadowslip had mentioned that he was Alliance before Horde and raided pre-BC with a guild called La Femme Fatale and if we wanted to raid (which we all did) we could re-roll as Alliance and join their guild. We did so, but eventually left LFF due to conflicts but stayed Alliance and leveled all of our toons to 70. My wife, Shadow, Drim and Call all re-rolled with me and the most fun I've ever had in WoW was leveling as a group with the 5 of us. We had the perfect make up with a Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Prot Pally and Holy Priest and hit 70 in about a month.

Aulbeth - Aulbeth was my first alt in WoW that I created to play when my wife wasn't playing her Rogue. I played my Mage with her and we leveled together but there were times that I wanted to play and she wasn't on. I was already a caster and wanted to try something more confrontational so I picked a Warrior. Vevister was Undead already so I picked a Troll and named him Aulbeth, a play on Aulbath, the Japanese name for Rikuo from the Darkstalkers videogame. I had a blast with him and eventually passed up Vevister in levels. My wife joined a punk-rock band and quit WoW for awhile and thats when he became my main. I leveled him to 52 before getting sucked in to the Warlock class thanks to Sisterfister (see above). Sadly, my Alliance Warrior Adiar is 64 and Aulbeth has since been deleted.

The Burning Crusade - The day the BC expansion hit, our guild headed to Hellfire to check out the new zones and instances. The mass amount of people that were out there questing was INSANE and I had never seen that many people online at one time. Waiting for respawns sucked but 1,000+ horde mauling Fel Orcs and queing up for Ramparts groups was jawdropping. My Warlock Abigore, my RL friends Chikin (feral drood) and Burger (resto shaman), and my in-game friends Bulldren (enhancement shaman) and Twysted (mage) ran it for the first time and had a blast figuring out the new bosses and pulls. No one had ran the place before so no one knew what to do. It was totally a great experiance with good friends at the time.

I know I said Top 10 but there was 1 more thing worth noting.

My first BG - Bulldren was a really good friend of ours in-game who we had met in a PuG for SFK while leveling Vevister and Evissia. We needed a healer for Arugal and his roomate actually had a Troll Priest he brought in to finish the job. They wound up being really cool people and we ran instances with them nightly, farming SFK and BFD. His roomate played a T2 Mage in a raiding guild over on a PVP server and talked us in to running WSG. I had never done PVP before and neither had my wife so we were both a little nervous. We played 1 game but it wound up being pretty drawn out. It was tied up 2-2 and the server was about to restart. We snagged the Alliance flag and our carrier was getting beat on pretty badly. He made it to our tunnel, I Blinked over to him and Frost Nova'd the 3 attackers which allowed us to cap the flag and win the game with a few minutes left before server restarts. Before I logged, Bull whispered me and said "it was your Frost Nova that saved the day, man!" and I actually felt awesome for a minute lol.. that was until the next day when we got smoked by level 29 twink pre-mades and I learned to hate a few select Alliance players.

When PuGs attack!

Last night I dinged 17 on Serpe but it was not without it's fair share of work.

I had some RFC quests left in my log and a group was looking for a DPS so I volunteered my services. The Mage in the group insisted on sheep pulling whenever they wanted to, regardless of who was AFK, and even pulled Taragaman. The only DPS they were doing was spamming Arcane Explosion even on one mob. The Rogue in the group seemed to know how to play but was overexaggerating quite a bit and cussing the Mage out for being stupid, for lack of a better term. It's RFC, not Kara, but yes.. it was very annoying having the Mage rush up in front of the tank, Fireblast something and then Sheep it while 2 other mobs chase after her. With her spamming AE until she was OOM it was pretty much impossible for our Concecration-less Pally tank to regain aggro.

To make matters worse, after we drop the first boss the group starts congratulating each other and starts to hearth out. Apparently they think this is the end of the instance.. all 4 of them.. all from different guilds. So that ended my first RFC run. Good times.

A T6 raider friend of mine ran me through RFC after he got out of Black Temple so I could finish my quests and then hopped on his 22 Druid to run SFK. He drug me along to heal (*GASP*) and everything went fine. I even got the Belt of Arugal to bank for 3 more levels. w00t!

That was the jest of my WoW evening. I hate lowbie pugs but they make for great stories. I'm sure I'll have a few more on my way up on Serpe!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I see Pally Tanking and Face Melting in My Future.

I ran Kara last night for hopefully the last time on Jandrae. I'm just over the drops there lol. That is such a petty reason but I've been running Kara once a week for 2 months and haven't seen the staff from Curator or the dagger from Prince once. I've killed Ahune about 20 times and have never seen his staff once. I've ran heroic Magisters and haven't seen the dagger or mace once. I'm having horrible luck with weapons and I don't want to farm honor for the S2 staff. 27k honor is a bit much methinks.

There are talks within Forsaken of a possible ZA team forming and running it every 3 days. I'd be down for that.. but for the time being I'm just going to play my new Horde alts.

Serpentina is the Shadowpriest I mentioned earlier. Last night I got her close to 14 but it was getting late. I also sucked it up and picked up tailoring again and leveled that up a little.

Vahl is my new Blood Elf Paladin that I'll be leveling as Ret until about 50 and then respeccing Prot from there on out. I had a Paladin last year around 34 but I deleted him. I was leveling as Holy like a tard and just didn't care for him anymore. This will be a nice change to switch it up between a DPS class and a tank.

I need to invest a couple solid hours of questing to blow through some levels for Serpe (rhymes with herpe, yes) and to at least get Vahl in to the double digits.

They'll be moving up slowly but hopefully I'll enjoy the level grind ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust?

I made my post in the TD forums that I was going to discontinue raiding with them. Raiding until 530am is brutal. 330am is my limit, I think. I just don't get enough sleep with my current work schedule to consider raiding anymore.

Chalk up a 4th 70 that I've raided on and quit. Ouch. Usually it's guild politics and favoritism that makes me give up but that wasn't the case this time. There didn't seem to be ANY politics or favoritism going on in TD at all and I really admired that about them. They're a fish in a big pond of raiding guilds just trying to make a name for themselves and I wish them all the best.

Where does that leave me? Focusing on my new Horde toons and maybe doing Kara once a week on Jandrae or Mutoh.. I dunno.. What happened on the Horde side last November is happening on the Alliance side now. I WANT to do stuff but no one else does. Pugging a tank or healer for a heroic is a nightmare.

I R Face Melter?

The move is FINALLY over. Finally I can get back to playing WoW regularly but I do plan on cutting back my play time. After taking time away from the game and actually DOING stuff thats productive IRL you slowly realize how time consuming WoW really is.

Most likely I will still raid 3 nights a week with Total Dominance on Jandrae but I've decided to do a total 180 and roll a Horde Shadowpriest to toy around with. I'm not unfamiliar with the Horde as I have a 70 Undead Warlock over there but I think it's best to go that way for now. I have some friends over there whom I haven't played with in a long time and I'd like to see the new zones when WOTLK comes out from a Horde perspective. Since I'll most likely level my Alliance Warlock to 80 I don't want to level Abigore as well.

This will also allow me to level at my own pace and knock out a few quests here and there in my free time without the hassle of having to commit to anything.

My wife and I had this talk to other day as we're both in the burnout phase of WoW. What we think that makes the game start to lose its luster is commitment. Video games are fun for people because it's something to do in your free time, but once you HAVE to be online at a certain time for a certain amount of time and HAVE to spend an hour or more per day doing dailies to fund repair costs and HAVE to farm for consumables it starts to feel more like a second job and less like a video game.

Some people strive for this but I'm starting to think it's not for me. The most fun I've had in WoW is playing with friends, either leveling alts or running dungeons but as soon as raiding came in to the picture and that dreaded "C word" became mandatory WoW slowly went downhill for me.

For my Shadowpriest I chose Horde for a change of scenery again and went with a female Undead toon. I love their casting animations and they look uber in Shadowform which is the whole reason to play a caster IMO. I started off doing the Undead quest hubs until about 11. At that point I ran around to all the capital cities and picked up the RFC quests & flight paths and headed off to Ghostlands to quest. At the moment I'm only level 12 but I haven't had to worry about being anywhere at any certain time at all so far and I'll admit it feels nice.

Do I plan on hitting 70 with the new Shadowpriest? Maybe. Am I in a hurry? Not at all. Do I HAVE to be online if I don't want to be? No sir.

Friday, June 27, 2008

RIP Steve Madry

Rest in Piece Steve Madry, aka Stevi, aka Fubaryou, aka Tripodd. You will be greatly missed.

Stevi was a healer for us in Grand Theft Kodo, a hunter for us in Forsaken and PVPed as his Warlock Tripodd. He was a kind soul and always offered his Enchanting service to the guild in a moments notice. Sadly, on June 21st, Steve Madry passed away from a heart attack but his brother was kind enough to notify someone in-game about the incident.

Stevi, we'll miss you on vent with your southern draw and we'll miss having you in our Kara group. On behalf of the players that had the pleasure of being in your groups, you'll be missed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


7 more Ahune kills last night.. the same damn cloaks are dropping. Is the drop rate for the staff really THAT bad?

On a good note, I won 2 EOTS matches and gathered the rest of my tokens for the new S4 caster necklace and slapped a Veiled Noble Topaz in it.

Looks like Friday is going to be another Kael night. I'm not looking forward to wiping for 4 hours and I'm not confident we can down him but thats all part of raiding.. learning the fight.

I need to nail out some dailies for money since I'm too lazy and have too much to do at the moment to farm consumables. Blargh.

On another good note, a friend of ours that had quit WoW around February-ish came back to the game last night and we took him with us to heal for our Ahune attempts. He got one of the 3 healing cloaks that dropped. At least one went to good use.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck..

Got a solid group of friends to farm Ahune last night, swapping out for alts, etc., for a total of 9 summons. 7 of those attempts we downed him and every single one dropped a cloak.

The two wipes we had were due to the lack of AoE from our Lock on one attempt and our Mage on another. The fight is pretty fun and we had the easiest time with an Arms warrior handling adds. I actually got to Moonkin-tank one successful attempt which was pretty awesome.

I'm still after that damn staff..

Season 4 started today but S1 is nowhere to be found. Apparently the rumors were true that S1 can only be purchased with T4 tokens now.. it's not replacing the blue quality pvp gear from the rep vendor and can not be purchased for reduced honor costs. S2 can now be purchased which is nice. I need about 12k more honor for the staff which I think is my best option at this point.

I could go home and do 1 AV to get enough honor to buy the neck or hold off and get the staff.. weapons are apparently easier to come by but my luck is awful. We'll see.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anetherowned + TD gets Supremed.

I don't know how anyone else felt at last nights raid but something was off.

We started off going to Mount Hyjal and 1 shotted Rage Winterchill. Our main Shadowpriest and one of our Hunters got their bracers and we moved on to Anetheron. We dominated the trash flawlessly but Anetheron wiped us 4 times.

This is a boss that this guild has downed numerous times and we had a good setup.. but for some reason we couldn't even get him to 50% once. Healers mentioned having problems keeping our infernal tank up and reaching the rest of the raid and we had horrible luck with his Carrion Swarm hitting the same group that got the infernal spawn. Thats no bueno. Every so often the person getting the infernal spawn wouldn't run to the infernal tank fast enough and would take a huge beating.

After 4 wipes we decided to call it and go try Supremus. Saturday night, Total Dominance downed Najentus for the first time and had a try at Supremus. Their best attempt was 26%. Last night on our first shot we got him to 1% before wiping. Our 2nd attempt was haulted at about 40% with our tank dropping due to tanking him in the fire.

It was nice to finally experiance Hyjal beyond Rage Winterchill and to actually step foot in to Black Temple but it was a bit depressing only downing 1 boss in 4 hours. I was also really hoping for the trash mace to drop but, alas, it didn't and I'm STILL stuck using the Bringer of Death.. still.. in Hyjal & BT. Thats pathetic lol. Hopefully tonight Ahune drops that new epic staff (even though its poorly itemized).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back in the Game!

So the move is over.. well.. most of it.. but I've finally gotten time to get back to playing WoW. Sadly, after not playing for about a solid week, I'm not really motivated to continue playing.

I thought raiding on Jandrae would have filled the void but unfortunately it hasn't. I enjoy raiding with Total Dominance but I just can't raid on the weekends. Raiding at 1:15 am is never a problem except on Saturday morning when I have to be up for work at 9:00 am and don't get out of the raid until 5:30am.

So here I sit at work.. very VERY tired. Last night we downed Alar to finish up the TK trash bosses and worked on Kael for about 3 hours. We made great progress and consistantly make it to phase 3 before all hell breaks loose.

I'm not sure what the problem is outside of this just being a new fight to a majority of the raid team.. but it rekindled my hatred of learning new boss fights. TD is new to BT as well and I don't know if I want to look forward to wiping in there a bunch.

This is me being stubborn I guess. Afterall, I'm an undergeared Moonkin raiding T5 content in T4 gear so I AM lucky to raid where I am at the moment.

I'm debating on taking a break until WOTLK comes out and then seeing if the interest is still there. My wife raids earlier than I do so for a few days we don't really see each other for about 8 or 9 hours at a time. We're both really bored when the other is raiding and I don't want to keep putting time in to WoW's raiding content at the moment when the gear is going to be obsolete soon enough.

I'm really not sure what to do at this point but I can honestly say that last night being my first night back raiding I didn't enjoy myself. Not because I didn't get loot. Not because we wiped on Kael for a few hours but just because it's getting old and time consuming. The days I raid takes up all my free time online. The days I don't raid I spend my free time doing dailies to fund repairs and consumables. I have 4 70's and no interest in rolling another alt or switching factions. I came from the Horde. I switched to Alliance after hitting 70 on my Undead Warlock and realizing that our server sucked for Horde.

Even if I switched factions for a change of scenery, what would I do? Hit 70 again and raid the same places I've been raiding? It's not the people that are burning me out so I don't think that would help matters at all.

We'll see what happens, I guess.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving On Up Part 2

My wife and I start the move today after work around 2:30pm EST.

We'll be without internet for 2 days - Blah.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New PVP Bot

I created a Mage to PVP with at 70 or 80, etc., isntead of respeccing my current toons. I've wanted a Mage for awhile and some friends recently rolled on our server so hopefully I can PVP with them. I know one of them loves to PVP so who knows.

My first toon ever in WoW was an Undead Mage named Vevister. My Warlock spoiled me so I deleted him and rolled a Human Mage named Aulbeth. He's only 11 but he'll be 70 soon enough as he'll be my primary concern when I'm not raiding on Jandrae.

The pic above is just a palceholder until I can get home and take a screen cap of him to post. Credit goes out to whoever this is lol.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arena Season 4 Confirmed.

Photo found online. This isn't me, I just loved that he's using the Corrupted Ashbringer.

As confirmed by a blue post via the official forums, Season 4 will start June 24th.

What does this mean?

Outside of horrible looking "Brutal Gladiator" (el oh el) PVP gear, all Season 1 gear will now be buyable from rep vendors much like the the blue gear is now. Season 2 will now be buyable with a mixture of honor and tokens much like Season 1 is now. I don't think the honor cost has been leaked yet but I wonder what they'll do about the weapons and other non-set epics?

This is good news for anyone with an undergeared or newly reached 70 character. The current blue PVP set can be purchased for a little under 150g and, albeit not Kara ready, is a good start. If they keep the price the same, this would also make gearing for offspecs a bit easier.

Mutoh is fully epicced outside of his chest peice which I'd be happy to pick up the S1 Elemental chest and the entire Enhancement set. I wouldn't mind picking Jandrae up some S1 healing pieces for the slots I haven't filled from Kara yet. Adiar is a few levels from 70 and full S1 would be an awesome start. I know it's blasphemous to show up to tank in S1 but it's better than the blues I'd have, I'm sure.

The downfall is that this is just another dumbing down of the game, making it easier for casual players to hang with the big boys that actually dedicate their time and effort to progress in the game. Sure it's S1 and S4 is available but buying epics for very little gold seems a bit cheap. I expect to see countless people showing up for Kara in full S1 isntead of actually TRYING (god forbid) to gear themselves.

I guess I'm torn because it's a good chance to gear up my alts really fast but at the same time I've been playing awhile and hate when things just get handed to people. On the other hand, WOTLK is being advertised with a November release date by EB Games and I think Blizzard is trying to milk it's own teet and give people the chance to experiance all the Burning Crusade has to offer before it's looked over by new players in WOTLK.

Buying S1 epics but still having to attune yourself to do Ony for fun? I don't get it.


Just wanted to congratulate Total Dominance on downing Azgalor for the first time this week and to also congratulate my friends over in Grand Theft Kodo for downing Shade of Akama for the first time.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rush RH and Win.

Yesterdays PVP daily was AV which I never pass up. It's also double honor weekend in AV. You figure that AV has been around forever and most people know how to win.. skip Galv, rush the hordes RH, cap their towers and defend until they're ours.

Alliance sucks at AV at the moment and it took about 2 hours to actually pull off a win. On the bright side, I'm only about 1k honor & 8 EOTS tokens short from the PVP neck which is a nice upgrade.

Ah well. With only about an hour a day to play between packing, AV is all I can handle at the moment.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Adobe Account Haxx Info

Anyone who has logged in to WoW at all during the last 8 days has noticed a huge warning to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe Flash as there has been a security issue.

Someone that I run heroics with regularly said their account was hacked and fears that it was because of the Adobe issue. He said that the hacker got on his account and spammed the trade channel that he was selling Spectral Tiger Mount loot-card codes for 1500g, made about 12,000g from it and mailed the money to another account before logging out. He still had all of his gear, etc., but now he has to suffer the wrath of angry spammers that paid for their loot codes and never got them.

GO UPDATE YOUR ADOBE FLASH DRIVE, lol. Don't let this happen to you.

Movin on Up!

Packing and moving this week so I won't have much time to play, if any at all.

Don't expect many updates for about 2 weeks.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eff Joo, Tidewalker!

Thats about how I felt tonight. We had a few no-shows so the raid started an hour later than scheduled but we still managed to one-shot Lurker, Leotheras and Fathom Lord. We wiped 3 times on Tidewalker and called it a night which dissapointed a few people but with the late start we were already 30 minutes over raid time.

Total Dominance does the Tidewalker fight a lot different then Grand Theft Kodo did. TD uses a Pally tank to bring all of the murloc spawns to Tidewalker so the AoE damages him as well. It works OK until the Pally tank gets the Watery Grave 3 times and a row and wipes the raid.. and the same thing happens every attempt thereafter.

I somehow managed to get Velvet Boots of the Guardian from Lurker on my first night. I think the other 3 people were rolling for offspecs and when they noticed I was rolling they all kindly passed to help me gear up with them. It was very welcoming and something I had never seen in GTK. I definitely feel like a part of TD right now, even though I'm still in recruit status.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a crit buff? I think not.

It seems that a lot of people are ignorant to what a Moonkin brings to the raid. I will honestly say that 90% of the players only see a Moonkin as a +5% spell crit buff for casters but there is more to us than that.

+3% hit to the entire raid - A Moonkin specced in to Improved Faerie Fire brings a valuable utility to the raid with 3% hit. Not just melee, not just spell hit. As long as the Moonkin's Faerie Fire is on the mob the entire raid gets this buff.

2% avoidance for tanks - Insect Swarm is a DoT but also reduces the mobs chance to hit by 2%. Yes, it even works on raid bosses.

25% reduction of attack speed - Hurricane is an unappreciated AoE that is usually lol'ed at for it's lack of damage. What people DON'T know is that ANY mobs affected by Hurricane has their attack speed reduced by 25%. Sure, all Druids get Hurricane but a tank or healer isn't going to be using this very much.

More aggro on the tank - Brambles increases the effectiveness on Thorns which in turn increases threat generated by the tank while taking damage.

An additional Innervate - Moonkin provide good single-target DPS while also bringing the utility of an additional Innervate for the healers. This is a risk free Innervate because the Tank sure isn't popping out of form to use his/hers and the Resto Droods don't have to stop healing to use theirs.

An additional Rebirth - The same benefit as listed above for Innervate. The healers don't have to stop to use theirs and it adds another one to the pot. Good times!

Backup Healing - Balance Druids get talents that increase their spell damage and healing by a certain percentage of their Intellect and pack a lot of it. In situations where tanks need that extra healing, a Boomkin can pop out of form and throw up every HoT a Resto Druid has, albeit less effective.

Treants - Ok so this is just a fun spell to use and it never fails to hear someone on vent say "WTF?". Sure it brings nothing to the table but I don't leave home without them. Sometimes wiping repeatedly brings everybody down but Treants turn that frown upside down. I'm a rapper. Quote that.

You Live & You Learn.

As I continue raiding with Jandrae, a few things have come up that I'd like to point out as well as some macros that I would like.

In Zul'Aman, spamming Rank 1 Entangling Roots on the Scouts is just as effective as the max rank and is far more mana friendly.

On raid bosses, using Rank 1 Faerie Fire with the Improved Faerie Fire talents provides the same +3% hit rating as is far more mana friendly.

Being a Moonkin that normally runs with a Paladin and isn't as geared as the rest of the DPS, it's kind of pointless to take the Subtlety talent and I should have taken Intensity isntead for 15% mana regen while casting.

If a boss has no aggro table (i.e. Aran) I can blow my entire mana bar in 20 seconds. That sucks. I need to learn how to conserve mana. Badly.

I need to make a macro for Entangling Roots that casts the max rank with a shift modifier for rank 1 (for times like ZA or PVP).

Thats about all I can think of at the moment.

4 Out of 6 Aint Bad?

Got the Eagle, Bear, Dragonhawk & Lynx bosses down tonight on my first "official" raid in the new guild. Went well outside of the Dragonhawk boss. We missed the 2nd chest by 2 minutes I think but wiped on the Dragonhawk about 3 times. 2 shotted Halazzi which was nice considering one of our healers was a PuG. Since it wasn't a full guild run we decided to call it after Lynx instead of heading to Malacrass.

The Bear boss dropped the Fury of the Ursine bracers which are a very VERY slight upgrade from the Windhawk bracers I crafted but they're cloth and would ruin my set bonus. I passed on them for a Mage. I did manage to get enough badges to pick up these sexy shoulders (instead of the boots). I didn't notice the amount of spell hit on them before and they were a HUGE upgrade from the crap shoulders from Aran. The boots are a nice upgrade as well but the ones I have at least had crit and MP5 on them as well as damage.. where the shoulders from Aran have the ever-useless spell pen. It doesn't hurt that they're sexy as well!

But man.. I'm so tired T_T. I have to get up in a little over an hour for work.

Also just wanted to give super kudo props to my wife's guild, Endless, for getting Bloodboil to 1% twice. I'm sure they'll down him if they go back on Sunday. Also wanted to congratulate my friends in Grand Theft Kodo for their first downing of Supremus. Although I'm not in the guild anymore, I DO have friends that still raid over there and just wanted to commend THEIR actions.

On a side note, I took Mutoh out of that new Kara guild, respecced BACK to Elemental and put him back in Forsaken for the time being. I need some badges for him so hopefully there is a Kara run sometime this weekend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kiss My Malacrass

I was informed with about 24-30 hours notice that I "may" be needed for ZA tonight with the new guild, Total Dominance. Thats awesome! I like ZA and I've never had the chance to attempt Malacrass or Zul'jin but apparently they run 2 groups with full clears on Thursdays.

I woke up and watched a "how to" video for Malacrass before work but didn't have time to check out Zul'jin. I DID manage to send myself some of the boss strats via work e-mail to check out during my night shift here.

I have a list of things I need to do when I get home before the raid. I wish I had gotten more notice but the guild leader really wants to gear me up before taking me in to Hyjal and ZA is a nice step in the right direction. If we fully clear I'll be 1 badge short for the Moon Walkers.

When I get home, I need to check the AH for any shadow resist gear, get my boots enchanted, put +shadow resist on my cloak, farm mats for another Flask of Blinding Light, re-watch the Malacrass video and actually find and watch a "how to" Zul'jin video. Oh, and I need to respec to put some talents points in other places. I've been told that I need to keep Brambles for Imp Thorns on the tank and I suppose I'll keep Imp Faerie Fire until I reach 12% spell hit.

Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself tonight because I'm still used to raiding as a Warlock and not used to having important things to do during the raid like Innervating healers or battle rezzing. All in due time, I suppose! I also need to farm about 6k more honor and 8 more EOTS tokens for the PVP neck. *sigh* I hate PVP sometimes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And Back to Raiding I Go! + Knowing When to Say When.

An officer from the guild I had applied to whispered me last night in the middle of a horrid Kara group on Mutoh. He had mentioned wanting to take me on a Kara run on Jandrae later in the night once he gets more people and I agreed to go to make a good first impression.

We WTF pwned Kara but left behind Nightbane because no one had their urn on them and we were in a hurry to finish the place so it wasn't worth the 2 badges. I'm now 10 badges shy of my Moon Walker boots. Wewt!

After the run, he whispered me again and said they were prepared to give me a guild invite and would like me to run SSC with them on Friday. I R EXCITED!

So by Friday I somehow need to obtain 10 badges and 9k honor.. ouch..

So yeah.. as of now.. I am a raiding Boomkin. <3

On to part 2!

A new guild had formed on our server and said they were just looking to farm Kara for badges once a week. I had whispered the guild leader and said that I had a Shaman I would like to bring and since they were short on healers I would respec Resto.

He shot me a guild invite and the way they were all talking in guild chat you would figure they've all been to Kara 100 times, they were geared and were just looking for a fast one night clear per week for 22 badges.. yeah right.

Tonight was our first night in Kara and it was a total nightmare. We didn't start the first pull until almost an hour after the raid started and the people that showed up didn't even have the gear to run heroics, let alone Kara. The healer assigned to the MT was in 60% greens with the Wal-Mart Healer package of the Crystal Pulse Shield and Essence Focuser. Nothing against those two pieces of gear but at least get them enchanted before you walk in to a raid.

Lets take a run down the raid list here. For our healers we had a Priest with a few pieces of S1, some greens and some isntance blues. A Holy Paladin which is who I spoke about earlier with mostly greens and the AH blues, and me. A Resto Shaman with +1400 healing,, 200 mp5 while casting unbuffed and the only person in the entire raid using consumables.

Our tank was pretty geared in a few pieces of S1, the badge shield and Thunderfury. He was the raid leader and I was actually pretty impressed with his tanking ability and raid leadership. Sadly, he was the only one in the raid that I was impressed with. Out OT was a Feral Druid with full S1. No PVE gear at all.. and he was taking a TON of spike damage.

Our DPS consisted of a Hunter, a Warlock, a Mage, an Arms PVP Warrior and a Rogue. The Hunter was wearing PVP gear which is OK for Hunters I guess. The Warlock had a few Kara epics so I figured they knew what they were doing but they seemed to die every.. single.. pull.. The Warlock and the Rogue were in a DPS race trying to out-do each other but they both just seemed to pull off the tank and die very very often so I stopped healing them.

The Warlock wore their Argent Dawn Commission trinket the whole time and said they didn't have anything else to wear. The Rogue was to concerned with his DPS and died regardless of how much gear he might have had. The Arms Warrior kept attacking shackled targets and was wearing the S1 2h sword and the blue pvp rep gear that came out with the last patch. Let me tell you, it was a great time and more than 2 hours after the raid started we wiped on Moroes for the 2nd time. 2h 30m in to the raid we finally down Moroes and then most of us wipe on the next trash pull so I called it quits.

My question is this. When is it OK to say when? If you don't dislike anyone in your raid group but you just don't want to spend your entire night wiping on Kara with a group that has no business being there, when is it OK to tell the raid leader "I give up"?

During our second Moroes wipe I whispered the raid leader and told him that I was very familiar with Kara and didn't feel that we had the right group makeup or the gear to be in there. He whispered back and said it was a lot of their first times in Kara and to be patient but there has to be a line there. Is it worth being patient when 80% of your raid isn't geared enough to even run heroics?

I made an excuse and told the raid that my mains guild whispered me and needed me for something and I couldn't tell them "no I'm running something on an alt", hearthed, left the raid and have little to no interest in signing back up for their Kara runs. Part of me feels like a total jerk for doing that but at the same time I was told they were geared, experianced and just looking for a "weekly, fast" Kara runs which was far from true.

At least this allows me to focus on raiding 3 nights a week on Jandrae =X

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Gear FTW

I wanted to seperate this blog from the previous one since it doesn't really deal with the same issue.

A group of us formed a regular Kara group for our alts that run every Saturday night. I'm taking Jandrae to gear her up after last week was so profitable. This week I ended up with about 18 badges (we skipped Illhoof and Netherspite due to lack of time), the Mantle of the Mind Flayer from Aran & the Ruby Drape of the Mysticant from Prince.

The Mantle is horrible (+spell pen FTL) but it has more spell damage and stats than my current shoulders so I took them. No other casters wanted them so they didn't count as my "roll" for the night. The cape from Prince dropped and +spell hit is win. I used my roll for that and beat the Warlock for it. Wewt!

Hopefully this weekend gives me the offhand from Netherspite and the neck from Moroes. =X

Guild Drama 4: The Finale

Ah, where to begin?

I am not a raider with GTK due to my work schedule conflicting with their raid times. My wife IS a raider with them and has been for 8 months, 3 of which she has been the Mage class leader. My wife has a close in-game friend that is also a Mage and raided with us in GTK.

As time went on, my wife grew tired of obvious favoritism, selfishness and (insert word here for "going behind class leaders backs and telling people to do what the guild leader thinks would boost their own dps instead of bettering the player and raid group") on behalf of the guild leader.

A former guildy of ours left for a more progressed guild, had been raiding with them for about a month and was quite happy. He is also friends with my wife's Mage friend and told him that their guild was hurting badly for 2 really geared Mages to down Archimonde and move on passed the first 4 bosses in BT. This sparked an interest in the Mage friend leaving our current guild for the more progressed guild and asked my wife to go with him for the 2nd Mage spot.

They were both unhappy with the current leadership (not all, but mainly the guild leader) and considered this for over a month. The Mage friend finally got fed up with up and gquit without posting a reason or telling anyone.

My wife continued to raid in our current guild and was whispered by an officer asking why her friend had left the guild. She told him that he had left for another guild because he wasn't happy but was asked if she was leaving as well. She responded that she wasn't sure what she was going to do and was instantly belittled and cussed out by the officer.

She never said she WAS going to leave, just that she wasn't sure what she was going to do. She wasn't sure if she was going to leave or just stop raiding altogether, etc., but this officer, in my opinion, overreacted and jumped down her throat for no reason and called her selfish.

She talked to the guild leader over vent shortly after, telling him that the officer she talked to treated her unfairly and wanted to talk to him about her future in the current guild and why she was unhappy. She was given an ultimatum that if she left GTK she was done and would not be allowed back followed by the guild leader trash talking her Mage friend saying he was trying to take her away from the guild.

If someone is unhappy and respectful enough to TALK with an officer and the guild leader about their situation and is, for lack of a better term, slapped in the face and disrespected, what are the odds that person is going to stay in the guild when they've been offered a raid spot by a more progressed group of people? Zero.

So my wife, after talking to the officer and guild leader, left a post on the guilds forums saying that it was a hard decision and that she would be leaving for another guild.. but did NOT mention how she was treated by the officer and guild leader out of respect for the guild and to avoid people leaving based on what happened to her.

I was furious at the way she was treated and /gquit shortly after. I am close with a few people from the guild and sent them a personal in-game mail explaining why I chose to leave and put all of my characters in to the Mage friends Alt guild until I found a new home.

My wife took the position in the new guild and starts raiding BT with them tonight to down Na'jentus, Supremus, Akama and Gorefiend and I wish her all the best. Shes an amazing Mage and very passionate about her class so she deserves better than the way she was treated in our previous guild.

Shortly after, a guild posted that they were recruiting a weekend late-night Moonkin for their 25-man content. I hadn't heard of the guild before so I assumed they were new and recruiting for Mag/Gruul. I questioned the person posting and he said they raid Hyjal at the moment and referred me to their website but he had armoried me and said that my gear might be an issue. I explained that I misunderstood and that I had a T5 geared Warlock that I would be interested in raiding with so I was told to apply online.

I apply but the application asks for the names and classes of my alts. I received an in-game letter from the guild leader.. on my Moonkin, not my Warlock. It said they were running ZA this Thursday and they would like to take me along. Puzzled, I responded and said that I was unsure if the time would work.

Later last night I received a whisper from an officer about my application and he, again, said my Moonkins gear might be a slight issue but he wanted to discuss it with the guild leader again and might have a raid spot for me. Wait, my Moonkin? I applied on my Warlock lol. They said they're more interested in a raiding Moonkin that fit their schedule and he liked my personality so he'll talk to the guild leader and see where to go from here.

As it stands right now, I'm nervously awaiting their response as I would LOVE to raid end game content on my Moonkin.. but I wouldn't be that upset if they turned me down. A bit depressed because no one likes rejection, but I'd understand their reasoning. ;)

Another guild had formed from the ashes of a 25-man guild and just wanted to do some easy weekly Kara clears so I signed up to raid on my Shaman with them.. however they want him as a healer. Boo. I respecced Resto and I HATE it. I'll see how tonight goes in Kara and if it sucks I'll just tell them healing isn't for me and see if they want my lock instead.

So there is the weekend drama in a nutshell.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The farming is finally over.

Finished farming and crafting the last piece of my Windhawk Armor for Jandrae.

I never want to farm another Wind Scale again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raiding 101: Moonkin (part 1)

The primary focus of this post is to prepare new Moonkin to the entry level 10-man raiding experiance of Karazhan. Part 2 will focus more on higher level 25-man content once I get to experiance it first hand.

So you've hit 70 and are ready to climb the raiding ladder, eh? Here are 6 pieces of advice that will help prepare you for your Kara experiance.

1 - "Don't be afraid to wear cloth!" & other gear to look out for.

Most of the epic leather gear for Moonkin comes from badge rewards rather than drops in Kara. Outside of the Bracers of the White Stag from Attumen, there are NO other leather drops for you side from off-spec pieces. There are trinkets, weapons, rings, capes and necks to look out for but you'll be collecting badges to get your leather gear in the long run.

Starting off in pre-Kara gear, don't be afraid to wear a lot of cloth. You'll get a lot more spell hit, spell damage and base stats from cloth than most leather gear you'll find out there at this point in the game. Pay attention to cloth pieces that focus on +Int, +Spell Damage and +Spell Hit and snatch them up. A few pieces of the Warlock's Oblivion set has a few good spell hit pieces and the Robe of the Crimson Order (+30 spell hit) usually goes for cheap on the AH.

If you are a Tribal LW, feel free to craft the 3-piece Windhawk Armor set as it should last you quite awhile.

When it comes to gemming gear, it's time to step away from the Potent Flame Spessarites and putting some +spell hit gems in. If you have epics that you think you'll have for a bit, feel free to splurge on the blue quality Veiled Noble Topaz. If the set bonus isn't appealing, feel free to avoid it by packing in Veiled Nobles instead of wasting the slot. Most slot bonuses are blue sockets. For that, I'd just recommend the +stam/+spell damage gems but ONLY if the socket bonus works for you.

When it comes down to accessories, there are a few options for everything except trinkets. If you are Scryer, I would farm rep until Revered for the Scryer's Bloodgem trinket. There is a ton of spell hit on it as well as a push-to-use +spell damage bonus. Hopefully you took the Vengeance of the Illidari trinket from the "Overlord!" quest in Hellfire because it's still valueable at this point in the game. If you're ok with spending money, the Storms deck is pretty nice for Moonkin with it's stacking +spell crit buff but crit isn't your top priority. The Nexus Horn from Skyriss in Arcatraz is really nice with a decent crit rating as is Xi'ri's Gift which is available with revered reputation with Sha'tar.

For everything else just try to get as much +spell hit and +spell damage as possible.

2 - Spell Hit is your best friend.

I can't stress this enough. Yes Moonkin and Elemental Shaman thrive on spell crit.. in PVP. PVE is a different ball game. Later on down the line once you've maxed out your spell hit THEN you can focus on crit, but for now +spell hit is your priority until you have a 16% chance to hit.

Take talents in to consideration. You get +4% chance to hit from the Balance of Power talent and if you spend the 3 points in Improved Faerie Fire thats an additional +3% as long as you keep it up.

Take your group in to consideration. If you run in a set group each and every week you might be lucky. If you have an Elemental Shaman with Totem of Wrath, thats another +3%. That Shaman is also a Draenei which gives off a +1% spell hit aura as part of their racials. With the two above mentioned talents and an Elemental Shaman thats +11% spell hit WITHOUT taking gear in to consideration. This means you only have to gear for +5% spell hit and the rest of your gear and gems can focus on +spell damage and +spell crit. Woot!

The simple rule of thumb is "you can't crit what you can't hit."

3 - Spell rotations.

Spell rotations are very important but differ from trash mobs to raid bosses. The purpose of a spell rotation is to maximize your DPS but certain situations require you to keep an eye on your mana pool. Long fights (i.e. Netherspite, Nightbane, Illhoof) are not our strong points.

The most effective spell rotation for raid bosses is-

Insect Swarm -> Moonfire -> Starfire x3, repeat.

If you have push-to-use spell damage trinkets, you want to use them BEFORE you put up your two DoTs. If you took Improved Faerie Fire you'll want to start with that and refresh it when it falls. If you took Force of Nature, it's best to blow it early so it doesn't disrupt your cast rotations but be smart about it. Don't drop them during heavy mob-AoE encounters (thankfully there aren't a lot of those in Kara) or you'll just be wasting your mana.

For trash pulls, it's probably best just to spam Starfire and use Wrath when thier health drops low enough.

It's best to avoid using Wrath if at all possible. It's way to mana intensive for the amount of damage it puts out. I usually save it until the end when the mob is about to die and I know I don't have 3 seconds to get off another Starfire.

4 - Consumables.

You will go through mana.. a lot. Bring tons of mana pots. Also, during boss fights, use them early on so the cooldown is available when you need it the most - in the end. If you're in a new Kara group and you think you'll be wiping a lot, I advise using flasks over pots and elixirs for spell damage buffs since they persist through death. Flask of Blinding Light is what you want to aim for. The mats can be pricey if you don't have an herbalist but 50g (the average price) is worth 2 hours of a spell damage boost.

Bring a few charges or Wizard and Mana oil. I'd say both because, for some of the fights, mana regeneration is more important than extra spell damage. Nightbane is a good example. He has no enrage timer and a few aggro dumps so there is never a need to go balls to the walls with him. Shade of Aran has no aggro table and needs to drop as fast as possible - this is a good time for Wizard Oil.

I recommend bringing stamina and spell damage buff foods. You'll mostly use the spell damage foods unless you feel that survivability is a must. If you notice yourself dying often or the fight is not a dps race (i.e. Nightbane) I'd go for stamina over damage. Food buffs are very easy to farm for and there is never an excuse to NOT have them on you.

5 - Addons.

Most addons are common sense. Get some sort of Deadly Boss Mods and a Threat meter. For Moonkin, I'd recommend grabbing a DoT timer as well to help you keep track of your Insect Swarm and Moonfire ticks and trinket cooldowns. The rest is just person preference.

6 - Common mistakes. Oops.

Unless you have points in the Resto talent Subtlety, you're going to have to keep a close eye on your aggro. If a Pally is present, request Blessing of Salvation over anything. If a 2nd Pally is available, Blessing of Wisdom is the next best thing, follow by Blessing of Kings.

Give the tank time to gain threat. You aren't a noob and this isn't new information but don't start off with something that can crit (i.e. Starfire, Wrath, Moonfire). Start slow and then lay in to them or just wait a few seconds before spamming Starfire.

Do not Cyclone targets that are not marked for CC unless they're going for a healer. Resto and Balance Druids are notorious for overusing Cyclone. Don't be that guy. Unless the raid leader asks you to back-up someones CC that died, refrain from using Cyclone at all.

Check with other Druids in your party and see if any of them have Improved Mark of the Wild and/or let them know if you do. Those Druids should be buffing the group. Also let the group know if you took the Brambles talent so you can rebuff Thorns on the tank.

Get in the habits of using push-to-use trinkets every cooldown, even on trash. This is an increase in your DPS. You are a DPS class. Make sense?

Hope this helps make Kara a little easier. Once I do more 25-man raids I'll see how different it is and, I'm sure, will post about it.

Ding 70.. again.

So Jandrae is finally 70 after being abandoned at 34 and again at 63 to play other alts. I don't mean to come off so negative but this being my 4th 70, it's safe to say it's lost its luster. I did, however, enjoy every moment of leveling her (even the 2 or 3 levels I was Feral) and had little to no problems leveling as Balance for a huge majority of the experiance.

I had about 2k XP left until I dinged when a former guildy asked if I would like to DPS for their Kara run. 5 minutes later, I was trained, gemmed, got +40 spell damage on my Bringer of Death and was in Karazhan. Who gets to be that lucky? I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth, thats for sure!

We did a full clear with no wipes but I had a bit of a problem with threat in the beginning. This was due to a few things - The first being that I was still in my leveling spec with no points in Subtlety for threat reduction. The second being that we had no Paladin for Blessing of Salvation. The third being my attempt to hang with the "big boys" in epics in DPS.

I was top DPS until the trash on the way to Maiden. The only AoE was a Hunter, another Moonkin and myself. 2 Hurricanes and a Volley is pretty sad. The healers didn't get the AoE group topped off and due to my lack of epic gear with stats, I dropped like a rock as soon as I pulled aggro. Even with Barkskin up, my 7500 health went down in seconds. There were points though where I would be sitting at 50% for 5 or 6 seconds with no heals going off. Ah well, stuff happens.

We only had 1 tank which was a Warrior. He was marking a kill order/CC but would attack something in the middle of the order instead of getting threat on skull first. This led to lots of healer aggro early on and me "turkey tanking" a few mobs thanks to DoTs and some unwanted Starfire crits. We're all pros in Kara unless we're on alts lol. Then anything goes.

Maiden was the last of my few deaths and we had no wipes for the rest of the raid. We did a full clear in a little over 3 hours and I was pretty lucky with drops. I replaced my green quest reward trinket with the Pendant of the Violet Eye from the Shade of Aran and left with both my T4 gloves and helm. My wife's Shadow Priest is on the same T4 token as I am but she didn't need the helm thanks to her being an engineer with the overpowered epic goggles hehe. She wants the gloves from Attumen or Kael in Heroic Magisters instead of her T4 as well so she passed on them for me. I passed on the ring from Attumen and the cape from Moroes for her as well. Sharing gear is nice. Awwwww. *cough*

I dropped 600g on mats because I have money to burn and no desire to farm, but finally got my Leatherworking up to 375. I picked up the training for the Windhawk set and started to farm Wind Scales (*shudder*). I have enough to make the bracers but I need to farm the Primal Air and 1 Primal Might first. I'm in no hurry really but it gives me something to do. I also threw in 3 AV matches to get 1k+ honor to save up for the S2 staff once S4 starts.

I used 20 badges and picked up the epic Idol which procs, I'd say, every other Moonfire. It only lasts for 10 seconds so I usually spam Wrath until it stops and then go back to my normal rotation. 5 Wraths appear to do more damage than 2 Starfires with the buff up.

Did all of this and STILL had time to blow through a few more levels in Super Mario Galaxy and get some packing done for our move on June 15th. Multitasking ftw!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

So close.

I'm trying to rush Jandrae to 70 as fast as possible so I can get back to Super Mario Galaxy. Blasphemy, I know, but the game is addicting. Not so much as WoW obviously but the last 2 days have been pretty enjoyable online.

I'll go on record to say this has been the most fun I've had leveling an alt and have had great luck on gear drops so far. Jandrae is 3 bubbles in to 69 and I should hit 70 sometime tonight unless Mutoh is abducted for someones Kara run.

Last night I ran a few instances and got the Mantle of Three Terrors and Moonglade Pants from BM, the moonkin boots and Sethekk Oracle Cloak from Seth Halls, Moonglade Gloves & Oblivion Robe from Labs and the Incanters Shoulders and moonkin belt from Steamvaults. All in all it was a good night.

At least I'll have some decent gear at 70.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii be needin' a WoW break.

I'm getting really burnt out on the game at the moment and FINALLY picked up a Nintendo Wii over the weekend.

The blog won't be updated much, if at all, over the next few days/weeks while I enjoy the goodness that is Nintendo.

..not like anyone reads this anyway.

On a semi-update note, Jandrae is 67. I hate to give up so close to 70 but there really isn't anything else to look forward to. I've cleared Kara numerous times on 2 different toons and outside of farming heroics and dailies (more of the same) the only new thing coming out before WOTLK is Arena Season 4.. yay.. I don't PVP.

This just seems like the best time for me to back out.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ding! 65

Clearing all of the mastery quests in one sitting? Check

Hit 65? Check

Getting the Moonkin Gloves and the healing idol from the quest chain? Check

Jandrae is well on her way to being a 70 Moonkin. Hopefully I can hit 66 sometime this weekend, finish up Nagrand and head over to Blades Edge Mountains.

Not much of an update but thats the jest of it. Sorry folks =\

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leveling 101: Shaman

There is no wrong way to eat a Reese's, right? With the Shaman being a hybrid class, there is no wrong spec for them. There are, however, two wrong specs to level as. If you take a look at the loot itemization early on in the game, you'll notice there isn't a lot of caster leather pre-40, nor caster mail post-40 until the late 50's or Outlands. This eliminates Restoration and Elemental as faster specs.

The key to getting your Shammy to 70 as fast as possible is to level Enhancement. I cannot stress this enough. There is a ton of Rogue gear to roll on until you hit mail at 40. At that point, the pieces in Scarlet Monestary will last you until Outlands.. yes.. that long. If you have a main with a few high level enchanting mats, it's worth it to throw on some +STR or +AP enchants to that gear.

The first thing is to not get discouraged early on in the game. You'll be using a 1h + shield until level 20 when you can finally equip a 2h so those are going to be the slowest levels for you. At 20 you want to focus on getting the best 2h Axe or Mace possible and keeping Flametongue weapon on it at all times. The most depressing news is that you do not get Windfury for quite some time so you'll be using Flametongue in it's place until then.

At 40, Dual Weilding becomes available and makes life much easier for you. Pop Windfury on both and go to town.

Before we get a bit more in-depth, lets discuss the races available for Shaman.

Your choice is simple if you plan on rolling Alliance since the Draenei are the only option. Their Gift of the Naaru racial is nice when you're out of mana or in a pinch. It also comes in handy to toss on yourself before pulling multiple mobs.

As a Hordie, you can pick from the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren. The Tauren have War Stomp which is great when you need to pop a quick heal or stop another player from casting in PVP. The Trolls Berserking works great, especially as an Elemental Shaman. The Orc's Bloodrage is a bit too situational for me but still comes in handy. My choice? Troll.

How about professions?

This really depends on how you want to spec your Shaman at 70. If you're in to making your own gear, you can't go wrong with Blacksmithing or Leatherworking (Dragonscale). If you're planning to level and stay Enhancement, Blacksmithing can provide some amazing weapons to deal out DPS. Shaman cannot use swords so going Swordsmithing is out of the question but there are some great 1h maces (i.e. Dragonstrike) that are Black Temple quality. Leatherworking will provide you with some great gear later on and you'll want to go with the Dragonscale specialization. This allows you to create mail gear that fits Elemental and Enhancement pretty well but not so much Restoration. If you're going Restoration I might suggest something like Engineering or Alchemy instead. As always, First Aid is important regardless of class.

Lets look at gear priority.

Since you'll be leveling as Enhancement, you'll want to focus on +STR and +STA gear. STR gives us +AP and scales better than raw +AP gear. STA is important since you'll be soloing as a melee class because you'll be taking a beating. AGI is more a Rogue stat. The common misconception is that Shaman need AGI for the crit % but that only helps our "white damage" crits. Unlike a Rogue or Fury Warrior, white damage is only about 30-40% of our DPS. The rest comes from Windfury and Shock damage which aren't effected by our crit rating.

While you're stuck with a 2h weapon from 20-40 you'll want to aim for about a 3.0 speed. Anything faster is going to lower your DPS but anything higher is for Warriors and Ret Paladins. They have attacks that work off of weapon damage where Shaman do not. 3.0 is the perfect speed because it'll do a decent amount of DPS and you'll have your Flametongue Weapon effect proccing each hit. Once you get Windfury, it has a 3 second internal cooldown so anything faster than 3.0 lowers you chance to proc per swing.

Once you start to dual-weild, stay away from fast weapons. You want both weapons to be at 2.6 speed or slower. This doesn't blow the Windfury internal cooldown as often and deals more damage with Windfury when it procs. Some people use Flametongue on the off-hand since off-hand has a higher miss rate and deals less damage than the main-hand by default. The reasoning behind this is to not waste a Windfury cooldown on a weaker off-hand hit. If you have a faster off-hand weapon than 2.6, I'd always use Flametongue Weapon over Windfury on that weapon to make up for lost DPS. If both weapons are 2.6 or slower, having Windfury on both will increase your DPS.

Shock it to me?

As you level, you'll eventually learn Earth Shock, Flame Shock and Frost Shock. Each serves it's own purpose and should be used in your combat rotation.

Earth Shock - ES deals burst damage and interrupts spell casting. Since it is nature damage, the damage is increased if the Stormstrike debuff is on the target. My advice is to have Rank 1 and your max rank on your bar. If you just need to interrupt a spell cast, Rank 1 does the same thing that the max rank does. Only use the max rank for DPS purposes.

Flame Shock - Flame Shock works like a Warlock's Immolate spell where it deals intial burst damage followed by damage over time. This is the highest DPS shock for a Shaman and is very underestimated. I also recommend having Rank 1 on your bar if you PVP. Hitting a Rogue with a Rank 1 shock will remove their ability to Vanish.

Frost Shock - Frost Shock deals burst damage and adds a slowing effect to the target. The downfall of this shock is that it also deals additional threat, so avoid using anything over Rank 1 in dungeons or you'll wind up tanking the mob. At first, this will deal more damage than Earth Shock but in the end (at 70) Earth Shock will beat it at.

Your shock rotation should be Flame Shock -> Earth Shock when cooldown is over, repeat. Always start with Flame Shock to let it's DoT deal it's damage while piling on Earth Shock as well.

How bout dem totemz?

At first, totems will become a bit overwhelming. You'll get a ton of them very early and I recommend downloading a totem mod to keep track of them for you. I prefer YATA but some people prefer Chaman. Totems are broken down in to 4 categories - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Only one totem from each element can be dropped at a time. Any totems dropped afterwards will replace the previous one of the same element.

For example - If you drop Strength of Earth and then drop a Tremor Totem, the Tremor Totem will replace the Strength of Earth since both are "earth totems".

Honestly, you'll waste a lot of mana dropping one of each totem. Most are better set for group settings but for soloing I'd only use Strength of Earth and Grace of Air totems. You won't get Grace of Air until after 30 I believe. It's also a good idea to set yourself in the middle of the mobs you'll be killing, dropping your totems and then pulling the mobs to you. If this is the case, feel free to drop a Mana Spring totem as well. If you're going to be killing and moving, Mana Spring will cost more mana than you'll receive in return and will be a waste.


The first 5 points don't give you many options. Shield Spec is useless so go 5/5 Ancestral Knowledge for +5% mana. The next 5 should go in to Thundering Strikes to increase your melee crit chance by 5%. Both of these are very self explainitory.

The next point goes in to the new Ancestral Focus which gives you a mana reduction on your next shock whenever you land a critical melee attack. Since shocks are a huge part of your DPS, this is a great idea. Toss the next 2 points in to Enhancing Totems for a 16% boost to Strength of Earth and the drop the final 2 points up in to Improved Ghost Wolf making it an instant cast. Some people laugh at this but it's a great GTFO button and gets you from point A to point B faster.

Tier 4 should have 5/5 Flurry to boost attack speed by 30% whenever you land a melee crit. This is huge when you're stuck using a 2h weapon.

When you reach the Tier 5 level, put the first point in to Spirit Weapons. This is the only way to get Dual Weilding. This is also the only way for Shaman to learn "parry" and it's threat reduction helps a lot in dungeons. Pop 3 points in to Elemental Weapons to increase the damage bonus to your Flametongue and Windfury effect. This is also the only way to learn Stormstrike which will be a great addition to your combat rotation. Now you're stuck with 1 point to throw somewhere to hit Tier 6. My advice is just to throw it in to Improved Lightning Shield to help kill a bit faster or to put a point in Anticipation for +1% to dodge.

Put all 5 points in to Weapon Mastery to increase your overall melee dps. Tier 6 is pretty self explainitory.

Once you ding 40 you have a choice to make. Dual Weilding or Storm Strike first? Personally, I'd go for dual-weilding and pick up Stormstrike at 41. Stormstrike attacks with both weapons dealing their exact weapon damage and applies a debuff which increases the amount of nature damage the target receives by the next 2 sources. This is the reason you want 2.6 speed 1h weapons. Drop the last 3 points in to Dual Weild Specialization for a quick +6% chance to hit in melee.

5/5 Unleashed Rage for Tier 8 and 1/1 Shamanistic Rage for Tier 9 is what you're aiming for.

There is really nothing more to spend points on with Enhancement so you'll want to move over to the Restoration tree from here on out. Rather than give you an order to pick from, here are the talents to place points in and you can decide which are more important to you. Personally, i'd get down to Healing Focus as fast as possible and put 5 points in that. That and 3/3 Natures Guidance are the only reasons to really be in Restoration.

5/5 Improved Healing Wave
2/2 Improved Reincarnation
4/5 Totemic Focus
1/1 Totemic Mastery
5/5 Healing Focus
3/3 Natures Guidance

Thats pretty much the jest of it. One you get in to Resto it's just icing on the cake. You have all the tools you need from Enhance to breeze your way to 70. Just keep Lightning Shield up, drop Strength of Earth & Grace of Air totems, keep Windfury on your weapon and unleash the Shamanistic Fury.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leveling 101: Warlock

The general rule of thumb while leveling your new Warlock is "stay away from Destruction". While a great instance and end-game raiding spec, it's far from being a quick and efficient solo choice.

Before we get in to specs, lets discuss low level gear. Stamina, stamina, stamina. There. Done. Thats it. Why stamina? Easy.. Lifetap. Our health IS our mana. Stacking Intellect increases your spell crit % but who cares? We aren't Mages and DoTs do NOT crit. Stay away from Spirit as well since mana regeneration is pointless for us. Again, I go back to Lifetap. That is our mana regen. You will not see a lot of +spell damage gear until the late 40's-early 50's so survivablity is priority over anything else.

Now, lets discuss races.

If you're going the Alliance route, you can choose a Gnome or Human. Gnomes get a boost to Intellect while Humans get a boost to Spirit. Both of which are equally useless to us. Consider their other racials. If you'll be focusing on PVP more than PVE, the Gnome has Escape Artist to get out of roots/snares. If you'll be going for PVE the Humans Diplomacy racial will help a ton in Outlands when it comes time to grind rep. My choice? Human.

If you want to roll a Hordie, you can pick from an Undead, Orc or a Blood Elf. The Undead get an amazing racial that works very well with Lifetap in Cannibalize. Kill, eat & repeat will take you a long way as long as you're grinding on Undead or Humanoid mobs. Orcs get Command which increases pet damage by 5% which is a great idea if you plan on going Demonology. Blood Elf racials gear more toward PVP as a Warlock. Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent don't got a long way since Lifetap returns a substantial amount of mana which makes AT nothing more than an AOE silence. My choice? Undead.

How about professions?

Personally, I tend to avoid professions until 35 when you can cap it out at 300 before Outlands BUT they are MUCH easier to level as you go along. If you're dead set on picking something, I'd go for Tailoring EVEN if you have another Tailor. The Shadoweave set is very easy to farm for and will last you a very long time. Just to give you an idea, I have 2 70 Warlocks. One that is at Kara level and the other at BT/Hyjal level. The Kara level Warlock still uses all 3 pieces while the raiding one still uses the Robe. I'd go for a gathering profession as your second choice to help offset the money you'll spend on gear, enchants, spells and pet grimoires. On my server, Mining is the most profitable followed by Herbalism and finally Skinning. The difference is very minimal but I have a 375 level in all 3 and my ore/bars/gems sell faster than my skins and herbs that I might end up having to relist.

Are secondary professions important?

First Aid is mandatory, in my opinion. Unless you are rolling an Undead Warlock, you'll need bandages to offset your Lifetap and minimize downtime. Fishing and Cooking really can be left behind unless you're wanting another toon to do their assigned dailies.

So we've chosen our race and our professions. Lets take a look at the pets you'll be using on your journey to 70.

At level 1 you can pick up your quest to get your Imp. 10 is your Voidwalker, 20 the Succubus, 30 the Felhunter and at 50 the Felguard if you choose Demonology.

The Imp is your pet of choice if you are grouped up for questing or an instance for it's boost to the groups Stamina. It's also ideal to keep his Phase Shift activated and avoid using him for DPS. The Imp is a frail creature and even the slightest AOE damage or Cleave from a mob can send him packing.

The Voidwalker is your solo pet until level 50. At low levels, he provides a competent off-tank in dungeons or for group quests but he's primarily a solo pet. His DPS is bad but his Suffering and Torment taunt spells are his bread and butter. He's not there to kill things for you. He's there to keep things from killing you while your DoTs and wand wear the mobs down.

The Succubus is your crowd control and PVP pet. Early on, you won't be doing any CC with your Succubus but if you choose to PVP after level 26 her Seduce spell makes PVP much easier. Her DPS is decent and if you're grouped in a dungeon with another Warlock using an Imp, this is your second best pet choice.

The Felhunter is your anti-caster PVP pet. You'll rarely, if at all, use your puppy in PVE but in PVP he makes other casters cry. His ability to devour buffs and debuffs and interrupt casting makes him the ideal pet for PVP.

The Felguard is available at level 50 if you decide to spec in to the Demonology tree. He is basically your pocket Arms Warrior with a Taunt, Intercept and Cleave ability but he also gets two passive abilities in Avoidence and Demonic Frenzy. Avoidance reduces the chance he'll be hit by AoE damage by 50% while Demonic Frenzy is a stacking +AP buff every time he lands a hit. At 50, this is the ideal solo pet and if you're group isn't in need of the extra stamina, he can be a great DPS addition and off tank in dungeons.

So what about specs?

My advice is to level as Affliction from 10-50 and then switching over to Demonology from 50-70. At 70, feel free to stick with Demonology or go off in to Affliction or Destruction but this post isn't about 70 specs.

Your first 5 points should go in to Improved Corruption. This reduces the cast time and makes it an instant cast spell. After Imp Corruption, I would put the next 2 in Improved Life Tap since it will become a staple spell. Follow this up with your next point in Improved Drain Soul and the last 2 of the second teir in Soul Siphon. You only want 1 point in Improved Drain Soul for the mix of 5% threat reduction and 7% mana return whenever you make a Soul Shard while soloing.

With your next 5 points going in to Fel Concentration you can now do what we like to refer to as "drain tanking". This refers to DoT'ing up 3 or 4 mobs, AoE fearing them with Howl of Terror and spamming Drain Life until they all die. This ability can also be used to solo heavy hitting mobs that happen to be immune to Fear since you'll have an increased healing effect from Drain Life and a 70% chance to avoid interruption while channeling it. This makes your life much easier.

Pop your next 2 in to Nightfall to get a small chance at an instant cast Shadowbolt every time your Corruption and Drain Life deal damage. The overall % looks low at first but again, you'll be DoT'ing up 3, 4 or 5 mobs at a time so the chance for an instant Shadowbolt increases. Follow this up with 2 points in Grim Reach to increase your casting range. The further you can cast Drain Life, the better. Avoid Empowered Corruption and put your last point up in to Suppression. Why go back to Tier 1? Simple. You're going to start questing in higher zones to get more XP for your quests and a 2% chance to hit is gold.

Your next 5 points are going to look a bit weird but put 1 point in to Siphon Life which will help a TON with drain tanking, and 1 point in to Shadow Embrace. You will not put more than 1 point in to this talent. It's entire purpose is to work with Soul Siphon as an "affliction effect" and increase the effect of Drain Life by an additional 5%. Put 2 in Improved Curse of Agony and your final point in to Suppression giving you 2/5. Why not go for Imp CoA earlier? It's generally not worth it that early as the 10% bonus will give you about an additional 100 damage. Even now it's not THAT big of an upgrade but it's better than wasting points anywhere else.

With your Tier 6 points, all 5 will go in to Shadow Mastery to increase the damage of your shadow spells by 10%. Pretty self explainitory.

Your first Tier 7 point should go in to Dark Pact while will eliminate a lot of your downtime. This works like a Lifetap for your pets but it drains your pets mana and gives it back to you. It also works off of +shadow damage gear just like Life Tap. Put your next 4 in to Contagion to round of this set of points.

2 of your Tier 8 points go in to Improved Howl of Terror to make it an instant cast. Use 1 point to cap out Contagion and the last 2 back up top in Suppression to give you 4/5.

At this point you should be hitting level 50 and this is where you'll want to respec Demonology to get your Felguard.

I recommend putting points in the following -

2/2 Improved Healthstone
1/3 Improved Imp
5/5 Demonic Embrace
3/3 Fel Intellect
2/2 Improved Health Funnel
1/1 Fel Domination
2/2 Master Summoner
3/3 Fel Stamina
5/5 Unholy Power
1/1 Demonic Sacrifice
5/5 Master Demonologist
3/3 Mana Feed
3/3 Demonic Resilience
1/1 Soul Link
3/3 Demonic Knowledge
1/1 Summon Felguard

Now that you've done that, I'll explain why we did this and why we did and did not take certain things.

1/3 Improved Imp - This is a filler point to reach a lower teir of talents without wasting it. Not all groups will want you to use your Felguard so you might as well grab something semi-helpful, right?

2/2 Improved Health Funnel - Most people laugh at this until they spec Felguard. Health Funnel already scales with +shadow damage gear and this increases the amount he'll be healed by an additional 20%. This lets him take a pretty good beating.

0/3 Demonic Aegis - Why no Demonic Aegis? You don't get Fel Armor until after 60 so that's when you'll start putting points in to it. Remember, this is a leveling spec guide, not a level 70 guide.

The rest of the talents are pretty self explainitory in their importance to a Demonology spec. The key things is to make sure Soul Link is always active on your Felguard as well as his Cleave and Anguish ability. Leave his Intercept ability off so you can manually use it to interrupt spell casting and save mana. Mana Feed will help keep his Cleave going off every cooldown and you'll see why you took it after only a few kills. He goes through mana pretty fast.

51-55 put your 5 points in to Demonic Tactics for a 5% chance to crit and that'll finish off Demonology for the moment. The next 5 points should go in to Improved Shadowbolt followed by 5/5 Bane and finish up 66-70 with 5/5 Improved Corruption.

Demonic Aegis is a VERY tempting place to spend 3 points but in all honesty, unless you are going Affliction with Demonology being used as a support portion, you're only getting +30 spell damage from it with a Felguard at 70. It does help your Drain Life but as Demo your spell is going to be a bit weak and has a 100% chance to get interrupted so you won't be using it often.

2 tips that also come in handy - Using Rank 1 Drain Soul is your best bet. It's 55 mana and still returns a soul shard. Since you wont be using this spell for DPS, chances are you'll only use it at the end before the mob dies so why waste mana on max rank? Rank 1 Curse of Recklessness is also the only rank of that curse you'll want to use for now. It's only there for you to pop on humanoid mobs that will eventually run away at low health. This prevents that altogether. No need to waste mana on max rank when Rank 1 provides the same function.

Hopefully this guide helped as I'll be making leveling guides for Moonkin, Shaman and Warriors in the same fashion eventually.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello Nagrand! + Wrath Info reaction.

Just to get the small part of my post out of the way, I totally skipped Terrokar Forest on Jandrae and headed straight for Nagrand at 64. I haven't started the "mastery" quest chains yet but managed to hit up the Jump-o-tron chain for the caster cape. It's a good start!

Blizz released some new info on Wrath which 98% of WoW players already read about. I was a little excited about Wrath before (not as much as I was about TBC) but after reading the info I'm fully excited about the new content. What I am mostly anticipating is -

*Northrend is BIGGER than Outlands and has multiple starting zones from you to pick from. This will eliminate what happened with TBC with thousands of players crammed in to Hellfire Penninsula. Great move on their part.

*All instances will continue to have multiple wings, much like TBC instances did, but will also include heroic versions, 10 -AND- 25 man raids. Not only this but the normal and heroic versions will have seperate loot tables (unlike the level 70 instances in TBC where the only difference was a possible epic gem drop and the epics from the final bosses). All major raid bosses will also appear in both the 10 and 25 man versions of the raid & all raids will be on seperate timers. This allows guilds to run the 10 man version and 25 man version on the same day. End game guilds will have way more to do this time around instead of having 2 choices before progressing.

*Arugal & the worgen return! Arugal was one of my favorite bosses early on in the game and I bet he's going to be brutal now. I'm sure he'll just be some boss in one of the instance wings but it's nice to see returning faces. The little that I heard about it, apparently he was ressurected to lead the Sons of Arugal somehow.

*Lore focuses on Arthas, the Corrupted Ashbringer and the Scourge which is right up my alley. I wasn't to fond of the Burning Legion lore at first so TBC was just a grind to 70, getting a flying mount and raiding. WOTLK is going to be a more enjoyable ride to 80 and should keep me interested the entire way, instead of just blowing through quests.

*New flying mounts at 77 as well as new instance & quest specific mounts. I'm glad they won't make us wait until 80 for a new mounts. I also like the idea of the new quest Mammoth having it's own combat bar. Apparently you'll be able to do cool things like drop ladders dowm from your flyer to rescue NPC's being attacked by Scourge. In instances you'll be able to access specific flying mounts to reach certain areas of the dungeon that would otherwise be unreachable.

*Death Knights. The new info released made the DK class a bit more appealing to me. At first I couldn't care less about completing a quest chain to start ANOTHER alt that I'd have to level alongside thousands of other players doing the same thing. There was an ongoing joke in our Horde guild that went something like "DK LFG!.. LF1M for Kara.. NO DKS!.. Tanking DK, DPS DK LF3M for Labs!".. you get the point.

-Blizzard confirmed that the DPS version of a DK will not be able to out-dps a pure DPS class as they'll be more of a utility as well.

-They have the ability to ressurect fallen players and mobs as a "ghoul" to fight alongside them. If they control a player, the player has the option to take control of the ghoul version and fight manually.

-They tank with a 2h and are forced to rely on a huge Parry rating. I, personally, expect to see a huge increase in the +Armor stat to 2h weapons. They can also dual weild.

-Rather than respeccing, they only have to use specific runes and Pally-like Aura's to fullfil their tanking or dps roles.

-No more quest chains are needed to start a DK. A player only needs a toon of 55+ to be able to create one. They start at level 55 in EPL on a floating Necropolis similar to Naxx.

-Will be very easy to pick up and play, apparently, and will start with a summonable level 40 speed mount. At 60 they will have a quest chain similar to a Warlock or Paladin to receive their faster epic mount. Most players should be able to get from 55 to 58 in a day and then 58 to 60 in a few hours in Hellfire so I expect to see epic DK mounts in the first 2 days. Maybe even 1 in the first day depending on how fast they level.

I'm sure every WoW-blog on the net right now has something about WOTLK going on but I'll try to refrain from just posting direct info about the expansion and just focus on what I think is important and interesting to seperate my posts from others.

Tonight starts the "mastery" chain for Jandrae and hopefully I'll squeeze in an Underbog and Mana Tombs run before I pass out. Other than that, it's lots of music and beast genocide in Nagrand. Thank Jeebus I'm a skinner!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ding 64 x 2.

Got Adiar and Jandrae to 64 over the weekend after finishing up Zangarmarsh and a few UB runs. Jandrae got a healing cloak for an offset but I'm really after the moonkin gloves from the first boss. He won't stop dropping the friggin totem!

I've been stuck healing with Jandrae on the last few pugs. Not that i've had trouble getting in to groups as a moonkin but the groups just always seem to need a healer. Lifebloom makes healing 100x easier and less mana intensive. Once I get a good healing set together I won't mind healing as much but for now it still kinda sucks. I've gotten compliments on my healing despite being Balance specced, so I guess I'm doing OK.

I respecced Adiar to a Fury/Arms hybrid build with DW spec down to Precision and then went Arms for Deep Wounds, Impale and working down to get a few points in Sword Spec. So far I seem to be killing faster while in combat but there is a little more downtime without Bloodcraze's healing effect.

My wife wants to run UB and MT tonight so I just need to decide who to take. I think I'm going to take Jandrae until the last boss and then swap her out for Adiar for a shot at the shoulders. We'll see.

A bit more guild drama over the weekend as well which actually led to my wife logging out in the middle of the raid in frustration but I'll refrain from going in to details because things are still up in the air at this point. Run-on sentence of the year!

I got my little Hunter alt, Serpentina, to 10 and made the long, multi-death run from Darkshore to Orgrimmar to tame a level 9 Venemous Scorpid. Sure, I could have waited but I really wanted a Scorpid since everyone and their mother has a Ravager. I named him Pepper ^_^. The whole run took about 25 minutes and lasted me about 4 deaths. It should have taken a shorter amount of time had I figured out that rezzing at a spirit rezzer at level 10 wouldnt give me rez sickness and I could have graveyard hopped the entire way there. DOH! Ah well.. I earned Pepper the hard way.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guild Drama 3: in 3D!

When I joined GTK as a raider, Veresitha was fire-specced Destruction and had no problems keeping up with (and sometimes beating) the top DPS spots. I was made fun of, laughed at and basically told that I had to spec Shadow Destruction to raid. No matter how good my dps was I was asked to respec and, for the good of the guild, I did.

Now I know that with my being fire and my wife's mage, Natallia, being fire that we built each others DPS. She was also asked to respec Arcane along with ALL of the guilds mages.

At the time, this made sense because Curse of Shadows was being used and that helps all of our Shadow Priests, Warlocks and Arcane Mages.

Arcane Mages don't need a lot of hit.. so for the last few months of raiding they were not rolling on +hit gear and focused on damage and crit. Our guild lets people roll on off-spec gear that no one wants for their main spec by paying a void crystal instead of EPGP but the raid leader and officers refused to let arcane mages roll on +hit gear for void crystals claiming fire or frost was not an "off spec" yet our Warlock guild leader was able to get the Voidstar Talisman with a void crystal because, according to him, Demonology is an off-spec.

How is Demonology an off-spec but Fire and Frost are not? Easy! The guild leader is not a Mage.

So yesterday my wife tells me that after their SSC raid, the guild leader had spoken to her and said that he wanted all of the Mages to go Fire as two of our 3 Warlocks would be going Fire. Wait.. so I was laughed at and basically spit on for being fire but now that the guild leader is falling behind in DPS he wants to respec 5 or 6 of our casters for HIS dps?

My wife told him that she brought it to his attention before that Mages should have been given off-spec gear for crystals incase this day would come when they needed to respec but the GL was against the idea. The GL said that if it's an issue than JUST ONE of the Mages will respec fire so HE could get the Improved Scorch debuff to up HIS dps. What a douchebag.

He needs to know that a Warlock is not meant to be a top-dps spot class since we provide more to the party than just our dps. He NEEDS to be the top in his raid group and in order to do that he'll bring down 5 other people for his own gain. We've had issues before with him stacking his party in the raid with an Elemental Shaman and a Moonkin so he could get the crit/hit/spell damage buffs and he has the other Warlocks handle Curse of Shadow/Element duty and banish duty to pad his own DPS.

Going back to the Imp Scorch debuff, this same Warlock guild leader refused to put up Curse of Elements for our Fire Mage, which is an instant cast mind you.. yet he wants one Mage to keep up 5 Imp Scorch debuffs on every single mob so HE can get a boost to HIS dps. Selfish people kill me and this is why I'm glad I don't raid anymore.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Name Change pt. 2

I had previously made a post explaining the name change and new direction of my blog but Blogger was kind enough to give me an error message when I hit the "publish" button. Normally it saves it as a draft but I had lost everything.

The short version of this is that recently I've been blogging about all 4 of my toons and wanted to steer away from a Moonkin-only blog and layout. The title of the blog is a play on "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" considering my toons are a Warlock (Lock), Shaman (Shock) with 2 female Nelf toons being a Warrior and Druid (two smokin' night elves).

Here is a little info on the 4 toons in this blog-

Veresitha - My 70 female Human Warlock. Raided with her in SSC, TK, Kara, Gruuls and 4/6 in ZA before putting her on hold. I put the most work in to her but GTK's raiding schedule doesn't match my work schedule so I discontinued raiding for the moment. She's 375 Shadoweave Tailor as well as 375 Enchanting and is currently Demonology raid specced 5-46-10.

Mutoh - My 70 male Draenei Shaman named after The Great Muta, Keiji Mutoh. Raided Kara and Gruuls but nothing more. I played him as Resto but hated healing 5-mans as a Shaman so I respecced Enhancement. Stayed Enhance for awhile but went back to Elemental which I leveled as and currently love it and refuse to respec out of it. I had a blast running heroics and Kara getting badges for gear but once our alt-Kara runs stopped I didn't have much to do with him so much like Veresitha he's on hold for the moment. Mutoh is my farmbot at 375 Herbalism and 375 Mining.

Adiar - At the time of this post, she is my level 63 female Night Elf Warrior and my primary focus in WoW. Once she hit's 70, she'll be my main toon and focus when WOTLK is released. Currently leveling as DW Fury, I love tanking and will be Prot specced at 70. She is a Blacksmith/Engineer but very low at the moment. I'll focus more on these at 70.

Jandrae - Currently sitting at 63, she is my female Night Elf Druid Moonkin. I play her along side my wife's Shadowpriest, Catalis. She's currently playing her Hunter, Darbley, so Jandrae is on hold until Catalis gets the dust knocked off her. I leveled her Balance and love the spec but I don't want to play her without Catalis. She is a 375 Skinner and 330-ish Tribal Leatherworker & I have full intentions on getting her to 70 before WOTLK.

I'm also going to put more effort in to the presentation of my blog with images and links. The lack of this is due to the fact that 100% of my posts are done at work where certain websites I need to link are blocked behind a firewall. I'm also going to work on tagging posts that deal with specific toons, raid/boss, professions, etc., to make it easier to navigate.

At the moment I don't get a lot of readers but I'd rather have it look nice to attract new readers. Lets see how things turn out!