Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust?

I made my post in the TD forums that I was going to discontinue raiding with them. Raiding until 530am is brutal. 330am is my limit, I think. I just don't get enough sleep with my current work schedule to consider raiding anymore.

Chalk up a 4th 70 that I've raided on and quit. Ouch. Usually it's guild politics and favoritism that makes me give up but that wasn't the case this time. There didn't seem to be ANY politics or favoritism going on in TD at all and I really admired that about them. They're a fish in a big pond of raiding guilds just trying to make a name for themselves and I wish them all the best.

Where does that leave me? Focusing on my new Horde toons and maybe doing Kara once a week on Jandrae or Mutoh.. I dunno.. What happened on the Horde side last November is happening on the Alliance side now. I WANT to do stuff but no one else does. Pugging a tank or healer for a heroic is a nightmare.

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