Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arms Tanking Pre-70

I know not everyone levels Fury so I'm going ahead and making another post, much like my previous one, as to how an Arms spec will still do for tanking up until 70.

5/5 Deflection - +5% to parry? Yes pls.

5/5 Iron Will - +15% chance to resist Stun and Charm effects is situational but still helps. I normally skipped this unless I was speccing for PVP but I suppose it could help while tanking.

3/3 Improved Thunder Clap - +100% more damage for Thunder Clap which also causes more threat from Defensive Stance. Not too shabby if you'll be tanking a lot but you wont really use this soloing. If you have it, great, if not, oh well.

1/1 Anger Management - 1 rage per 3 seconds as long as you're in combat. Worth the 1 point.

3/3 Deep Wounds - All melee crits cause your enemy to bleed 60% of your weapons average damage over 12 seconds. Bleed effects are great because they ignore armor and will keep consistant threat on the mob.

5/5 Weapon Specialization - Whichever weapon you specced in to, thats what you want to use while tanking. I prefer sword spec for the additional swing but +5% chance to crit with the others arent bad at all.

2/2 Blood Frenzy - Anytime Rend or the Deep Wounds debuff is on the target they will take an additional 4% physical damage from all sources. More damage = more rage.

1/1 Endless Rage - The amount of rage you obtain from damage delt is increased by 25%.

In my opinion, Arms doesn't offer as much in the ways of tanking as a Fury build does because some of the talents arent taken by players while leveling. Most of the great stuff in the Fury tree is viable while soloing unlike, say, Iron Will or Improved Thunder Clap. Arms also loses one of its best attacks in Mortal Strike since it cannot be used in Defensive Stance.

Either way you spec you'll still be a viable tank as long as you use Sunder Armor, use Revenge whenever it's available and pop Shield Block every cooldown on hard hitting mobs. The rest depends on your healer.

My advice is to warn your group ahead of time that you are not Protection and that you'll require a little extra time to grab aggro before they start to DPS. You shouldn't take much more damage early on in Outlands instances since you'll still be using a shield, it's just your ability to solidify aggro that seperates us. We don't have Devastate, Improved Revenge, Improved Shield Block or Last Stand but we can still hold our own with a patient group and a competent healer.

Fury Tanking Pre-70

Adding on to my post from yesterday, I wanted to point out a few things that the Fury tree has going for it when being put in a tanking position for your group on your way to 70.

5/5 Unbridled Wrath - Gives you a chance to gain 1 rage every time you hit the target with a melee weapon. Since we need rage to hold aggro, this helps a lot.

1/1 Piercing Howl - Dazes all enemies near the Warrior reducing movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Warriors have a harder time than Druids or Pallys holding multiple targets so sometimes healer aggro is a problem. If you get enough rage, pop Thunderclap then Piercing Howl to make it easier to pick up the stragglers. At 10 rage and no cooldown it's a winner.

3/3 Blood Craze - Anytime you are critically hit (melee or spell damage) you regenerate 3% of your total health over the next 6 seconds. Since you'll be taking more punches in the face than anyone in your party (excluding the Mage of course) you'll be getting crit a decent amount pre-70. Any extra healing helps.

5/5 Enrage - Also procs every time you are critically hit and increases all melee damage you deal by 25% for 12 seconds or 12 swings (whichever comes first). More damage = more threat and more rage. More rage = more threat.

5/5 Flurry - Increases attack speed by 30% for 3 swings after you deal a critical strike. This increases rage generation and also has a chance to proc Unbridled Wrath more often.

1/1 Sweeping Strikes - 30 rage gives you 10 swings to hit an additional nearby enemy. This is more rage-efficient than spamming Cleave and also causes your Heroic Strike to hit other targets to cause more aggro.

3/3 Precision - +3% chance to hit with melee weapons. +hit is a given for any melee class, tanking or not.

2/2 Weapon Mastery - You will get disarmed.. a lot.. this reduces the duration of all disarm effects by 50% normally dropping it to about 1 or 2 seconds.

1/1 Bloodthirst - 30 rage to deal X amount of damage (based on attack power) and heals you for X amount for the next 5 swings. Since you'll be taking more damage than a Prot specced Warrior you'll need all the help you can get.

I might make a post later going in to the Arms tree, but we'll see.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meatshield LFG.

Warriors have it hard from 60 to 70. Paladins can level Prot just fine (some even say it's the prefered level spec) and the same can be said for Druids that level Feral. They can both level fast and when asked to tank, fill said role without changing their spec. Arms or Fury is the prefered level spec for Warriors but we miss out on important tanking abilities like Last Stand, Imp Shield Block and Devastate which makes it more difficult to hold aggro or survive the beating.

Last night while trying to form a PuG for Ramparts I came across 3 Warriors, myself included, who were either Arms or Fury and none were interested in tanking or respeccing Protection.

I finally just said screw it and strapped on my shield, brought in a Rogue, Hunter and a Mage friend but had the hardest time finding the OTHER important part of the group.. a healer.

I guess healers are in the same boat that Warriors are. I don't say tanks due to the above statement. Shaman, Paladins, Priests and Druids do not level Resto/Holy. If anything, you'll always be stuck with one of these classes in a healing set of gear much like a Warrior wearing more tank-friendly gear. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't.

My Druid is Balance but I heal just fine. My Warrior is Fury but I tank just fine. It just takes a little more effort than normal to make ends meet.

Last night I tanked Ramparts after spending 45 minutes looking for someone to heal. We had little to no problems at all and no one died. Not too shabby for my first tanking job since SFK lol.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Domo Arigato Mr Fel Reaver.

After a night of sushi and drinking I still managed to hit 58 on Adiar and take her to Outlands. Outlands is usually a breath of fresh air for me on my toons but with Adiar it was dissapointing.

Sure, I loved getting all the free upgrades for doing next to nothing but I had worked to get gear in BRD, Strat and Scholo only to see it dissapear in a day or so. I was proud to get my Valor helm in my first Scholo run but replaced it yesterday before I hit 59. My epic Bloodrazor was replaced with a green 1h sword from the first quest and my Strat shield was replaced shortly after.

Ah well, it's the nature of the beast. Greens are the new Epics when you hit Outlands and it's for the better. If I had gone in to tank Ramparts in what I had when I entered Outlands I would have done OK but I've gained over 1k health and +30 def since then.

I did enough quests to hit 60, trained and picked up my Swift Frostsaber mount from Darnassus before calling it a night.

Hopefully tonight I can get in on a Ramparts run since there are a few upgrades as well as the quest I have.

Still debating on when a good time to respec Prot will be.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Dinged 55 and am now a bit over halfway through it thanks to last nights Scholomance run. I had read somewhere that Scholo is now 55+ so I figured as long as I was just going in as DPS that it would be fine but boy was I wrong.

The only mobs that were yellow to me were the 4 skeletons in the initial room but everything else was orange to red. The larger room (sorry i'm horrible with names) with the first deed was BRUTAL! I forgot about the mass amount of damage the ghosts do and how annoying the chain fearing was from the others. Having your Pummel miss 9 out of 10 Dark Mending's was also no fun at all.

We did a "fun run" with a 66 Druid tank and a 54 Mage from our guild and tried to 3-man it. No way in hell! The Druid hearthed and respecced Resto and his brother signed on to his raid-geared Prot Paladin to help out. Once he showed up it was MUCH easier but the mobs still had their fun with the Mage and I.

The Mage, Zath, and I were the only ones with our trinkets on so we banked on all the Scourge Stones and I ended up with 7 Corruptors Stones. Ras was kind enough to drop his main-hand axe (FINALLY and upgrade to the epic Bloodrazor from 45) and Darkmaster Gandling handed over his Helm of Valor. We didn't get the Blood to drop so I couldn't get a shot at my Boots of Valor T_T.

I still really like the instance but being unable to fully DPS the whole time was a bit of a letdown. I'll hold off until I'm 57 before I try to go back for anything else. I think we might give Strat a shot with the same group but hopefully I'll be able to lay waste to a few Winterspring quests and be 56 by then.

4/8 Valor is still nice =)

Friday, April 25, 2008

T-minus 4 levels to go.

Adiar dinged 54 last night as I finished up a few Felwood quests and is now sporting 3 pieces of Valor gear. I know the D1 stuff sucks compared to the gear upgrades from the recent patch but I'm a collector. Do I plan on getting the full set for fun? Of course.

I had mentioned to an in-game friend of mine that I had planned on getting Quel'serrar, full Valor and starting the Thunderfury quest chain eventually.. to which I got a resouding "WTF for?" response.

I started playing WoW in May of 2006, shuffled around a few alts to find my niche' and eventually landed my first 60 in December later that year. The Burning Crusade landed in January of 2007 which gave me a little over 2 weeks to enjoy life as a level 60 and, of course, missed out on ALL of the level 60 raid zones outside of UBRS.

I've always been interested in the "old world" stuff and ALWAYS tell myself that I'd go back and do it all just to experiance it eventually. To some extent, I've done that. On the Horde side, to get our guild in to raid mode, we formed a team and cleared ZG as well as the first 2 bosses in AQ20. On my Alliance Warlock I've done MC about 3 or 4 times and collected a few pieces of my T1 set.

Where am I going with this?

In response to the "WTF for?" comment, for fun.

I already have 3 70's and have spent extended amounts of time gearing each of them. This time around, it's all for *gasp* fun. I wan't to see things I had never seen on any of my toons before and from a different perspective.

The first time I had ever seen Thunderfury my jaw dropped. I was playing my Troll Warrior pre-BC and had told my friends that one day I would have it. I wasn't joking. I know it's going to take forever but I'm in no hurry. I know people still like to run MC. Oh yes.. she will be mine.

There are other "old world" things on my list of things to do with my Warrior -

Acquire Quel'Serrar
Do a DM Tribute Run
Tank Onyxia
Clear BWL
Clear AQ20
Clear AQ40
Run Naxx (pre-BC Naxx but this is unlikely.)
Get full Valor set
Get full Might set
Tank Baron in Scholomance

To me it's not always about getting the best gear but to enjoy the experiance that I pay for. I've experianced the end-game part of TBC to an extent (raided 5/6 SSC and 2/4 TK) and want to see what I missed out on before.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rock out with your Lock out!

I've been on a Warlock blog kick lately and I like what I've read so far. It's good to know that there are smart Locks out there that don't give us a bad name. For the most part we're considered selfish (No CoE for joo magez!) and the Mage class already hates us for having a better AoE in Seed of Corruption but a lot of other players don't see us as a viable CC option.


I'll give you an example.

Our guild has 3 Warlocks. Myself, and 2 Destruction spec cookie-cutter raid Locks. When asked about using your Succubus for CC the other two would respond something like "lolwut? I sac my Succubus for the buff." I, however, am totally comfortable using Seduce in any situation. Most locks are so concerned about their own personal DPS that they'd rather screw the group over for their own personal gain.


On the Horde side, I normally ran with 2 Rogues as the other DPS which left me as the only viable form of in-combat CC. I got used to chain fearing, banishing, enslaving and, most importantly, seducing.

Seduce is an odd creature that takes some time to master due to it's inability to be reapplied before it breaks (much like all Lock CC). Downloading some form of timer add-on and creating a focus macro helps a ton but it's not required. After awhile you'll start to remember when the CC is about to break by timing it with your cast rotation. Once you seduce, see how many shadowbolts it takes before it breaks and plan accordingly. I'd rather just play it safe and use a timer myself but I know not everyone likes to use addons.

Another issue I have with the Warlock community is the "my spec is better" attitude. Most Warlocks are dead-set in their ways and REFUSE to accept that the other specs are viable at all in PVE regardless of the amount of WWS, math and spreadsheets you put in front of them.

"LOL Fire?"
"Felguard FTL"
"Shadowbolt > DoTs"

I'm sick of it.

Every spec is viable if the person behind the keyboard is not a total douchebag and the raid make-up is there.

Fire can actually pull of better DPS than a Shadowbolt spamming assclown IF (and only IF) you are in a raid with a Fire Mage that is on his A-game and doesn't let his Improved Scorch debuff fall off, you sac your Imp and use Curse of Elements.

Immolate -> Incinerate x6

There is your cast rotation. Run with it.

Demonology can put out more DPS than any spec but is the most gear dependent spec of them all. Having 2 pieces of T5 for the set bonus as well as the Void Star Talisman trinket from Solarian is a MUST. You also need a Shadowpriest in your group for VE/VT. VE is needed to keep your Felguards mana up and keep Cleave going off every cooldown.

If your Felguard dies you lose a huge chunk of your survivability and DPS. Have a "Dismiss pet" macro handy so if he's about to take a dirt nap you can dismiss him fast and save his buffs. If he dies you need to fully rebuff him and will, again, lose a huge chunk of DPS. The general spec is 5/5 Imp Corruption, 5/5 Imp Shadow Bolt, 5/5 Bane, Shadowburn and the rest in Demonology all the way down to the Felguard. Also ask another Warlock to keep CoS up.

CoA -> Immolate -> Corruption -> Shadowbolt x3

Keep the DoTs refreshed between Shadowbolt spams. Run with it.

Affliction is a great support spec and still has potential to close in on the top of the DPS meter due to it's increase in damage for Seed of Corruption. It's a little harder to keep up with higher burst-DPS specs during trash mobs but who cares about trash? A raid full of Ret Paladins can clear trash. It's the boss encounters that count. If you're stuck on CoS/CoE duty, 3/3 Malediction is a must and having Dark Pact is just icing on the cake. Another huge advantage that Affliction Warlocks get is 5/5 Suppression for 10% spell hit on Affliction spells which lets you pack more +damage gems instead of Veiled Noble Topaz. You'll still want some spell hit since you'll be using Shadowbolt in your rotation a bit but not nearly as much as you would need with the other specs.

It's up to you to put that last point in Unstable Affliction or move over to Ruin. Ruin will help with your burst dps but Unstable Affliction will give you 100% consistant DPS instead of relying on lucky crits.

Curse -> Siphon Life -> UA -> Immolate-> Corruption -> Shadowbolt

Refresh DoTs as they fall and spam Shadowbolt anytime you aren't refreshing. For AoE you only want to use Seed of Corruption unless the mobs are immune to shadow. For trash you do not want to waste mana on DoTs.

Curse of Shadow -> Shadowbolt

Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't matter if you're Affliction, Demo or Destruction. Trash mobs die way to fast for any dot to do much damage at all. The only exception would be if you are Fire specced then always use Immolate. If you can afford the mana, use Conflagrate as a finisher.

So there you have it. How to maximize your DPS through cast rotations. I'll go more in dept with each spec in a later post and maybe have another post about starting a Warlock for you noobsauces.

Sweeping Strikes + Whirlwind = Win.

As you could have guessed by the title, I've been playing my Warrior a lot lately. Adiar is now 51 up from 34 a few days ago and should be stepping foot in Outlands by the weekend.

I'm still debating how to level her once Outlands enters the picture. At the moment she's DW Fury all the way down to Rampage which I don't really care for when soloing but comes in handy when in groups. I'd like to try out the 2H Fury spec for Imp Slam but 2H weapons are way to slow for me. I've also considered leveling Prot and just instancing my arse off.

Why Prot?

I've talked to tanks who have said that it's hard to tank the Outlands instances as Arms or Fury due to the boost in DPS gear for other classes. Without Shield Slam and Devastate it's hard to keep up your threat. On the other end it's hard to get in to a group as an Arms or Fury Warrior for DPS because some people still doubt their potential which is absurd.

I'm trying to weigh out all of my options before I respec at 58. These are my reasons -

Arms - 2H weapons are easily obtainable in Outlands. The Hellreaver polearm from Ramparts lasts a long time and Poleaxe spec is the way to go anyway, IMHO. 1H weapon skills will slowly fall behind. Hard to tank as Arms.

Fury - My 1h weapon skills are maxed for the most part and I'm very familiar with the spec already. Another plus is that when I spec Prot at 70 none of my 1h weapon skills will be low. Harder to tank as Fury.

Prot - Never have a problem finding groups. Very slow solo-grinding and horrible questing spec. Gear is never an issue.

Ah well. I still have 7 levels to think it over. Regardless, I'm still respeccing at 58 to put points in different places and may not go so deep in the Fury tree. It's also nice to see that my Bloodrazor (epic 1h sword, lvl 45) will last me to 58 and that it wasn't a total waste to put Crusader on it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kara: Round 2

With the mass amount of upgrades I've gotten for Mutoh, I was asked to attend our casual Kara run on Friday last week. Unlike last week, I got 3 pieces of healing gear, another T4 Helm token and 22 badges of justice. To round out my healing set, I used the token on the Resto spec helm.

I did manage to pull my weight this time with the help of the recent upgrades and after the run and a few more heroics I picked up the badge shield. I know Nightbane drops a caster shield but it's MP5 and not crit. Crit is my friend.

Saturday night after our guilds ZA run, some people still wanted to raid so they through a collective Gruuls run together for an easy 5 badges. It consisted of half Grand Theft Kodo members and the other half Unrestrained members. Some of Unrestrained are former GTK alumni so we worked together fine and 2 shotted High King and sent Gruul packing in 1 shot.

They offered to let me take Mutoh in and I actually won my T4 shoulder token. Cyclone Shoulders FTW! Afterwards we ran heroic UB and I picked up the epic legs from the Black Stalk. My Shammy is sexified!

I've been in need of another alt to take up my time and have a Warrior, Shadowpriest, Moonkin and Rogue available. My Moonkin is on hold until my wife gets bored with her Hunter alt and comes back to play her Shadowpriest so Jandrae is out of the question. Telura, my Shadowpriest, is fun sometimes but it's a little boring since i've already played 2 Warlocks and leveled both Affliction from 10-50. I've played the DoT-n-Run game twice. Bucksavage, the new Rogue, is fun but more a screw around type toon. I decided to stick with Adiar, my Warrior.

I sent her some gold, respecced her DW Fury and got 3 levels on her last night. I heard that 2H wasn't a good leveling choice until 50 when you can afford to put points in to Fury for Imp Slam. The Splam spec, as it's called, puts out amazing DPS according to WoWwiki but is tough to master and requires a very slow 2h weapon. I might check it out later but for now I need to worry about leveling first.

At the moment, Adiar is half a bubble from 37 and I have 2 pieces of Herod's gear in my bank. I have a Troll Warrior at 53 but from there I'm clueless. I leveled Aulbeth as Prot and it was sort of a nightmare. I went DW Fury for a few levels but I mostly ran instances pre-BC with him so Prot was the way to go for me.

I love alts.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Magister's Terrace: CC Thoughts.

On one hand, I love the new instance as it's, well, new.. and also provides a nice challenge to geared players in heroic mode. One thing that I do dislike is how heroic mode is way too dependent on CC that non-cc specs have a hard time finding groups for it.

Here is a rundown of each class and what CC is available for them during the course of the instance and primarily the 3rd boss (*shudder*).


Feral Druid's and Resto Druid's usually come to fill a tank or healing role but some Feral Druid's can be used for DPS as well. If you're in this roll, your best CC is just to assume bear form and OT when needed. Balance Druid's can spam Cyclone but diminishing returns can turn around to bite you in the feathers. Another option for Balance Droods is to spam Cyclone until the mob is immune and then either Panzerkin tank it or assume bear form until it's your mobs turn in the death rotation.


Paladins are a lot like Druid's in a sense that if they are Prot or Holy they are there to fill a specific role. A Ret Pally can either use Turn Undead on the Demon mobs (which we all know how well fear works in instances) or just slap on a sword and board and OT until it's his/her mobs turn to die. Just make sure that if you are stuck in this roll to keep Righteous Fury up but to turn it off when you're DPS'ing.


Prot Warrior's are there to tank while Arms and Fury are there to spread the pwn sauce. That's a given. Slap on a shield and OT just like Druids or Pallys. It's really all you can do.


MrT is pretty Lock-friendly with the amount of demons mobs. The succubus mobs make amazing pets and can take on mobs by themselves. I totally recommend enslaving one each pull, putting it on a mob to OT and then releasing and killing it in the end. You don't want to keep the same succubus each pull in fear of it breaking in combat. The seduce spell they use is brutal and the mob can be DPS'ed without breaking it so spam it! During the Delrissa fight there are 2 possible Demon mini-boss adds that can be banished so keep an eye out for those.


Nothing new here. Sheep whatever can be sheeped and Frost specced Mages don't be afraid to frost kite mobs when needed. Arcane Mages specced in to Slow will also find a lot of use for it here.


Holy/Disc priests are here to heal so let the Shadowpriests Mind Control when needed. I'm not sure if Delrissa's adds can be MC'ed so if not be prepared to step out of Shadowform and backup heal if needed. As for CC during this fight, I honestly have no idea but i'll edit this post after I talk to our guilds Shadowpriests to see what they do.


Shaman have it rough and need to get creative. Rank 1 Frost Shock and Earthbind Totem is your friend during the Delrissa fight. Pick one of the adds that aren't a caster or a Rogue and keep at it until the rest of your group gets the nasty Priestess down. Also don't be afraid to drop your Fire/Earth Elemental away from the CC'ed mobs if needed and pop Heroism early to help your group down Delrissa.


Rogue's have it pretty easy with Sap and being able to blind broken CC'ed mobs but also being able to Evasion tank as a last resort.


Also pretty self explanitory being able to keep mobs trapped during the encounter but also Beast Mastery Hunter's can OT with their pet. Even if their pet dies it should give the group enough time to pick it up before the Hunter takes a dirt nap himself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My wife has been playing her Dwarf Hunter a lot lately which doesn't leave us a lot of time to play our Shadowpriest/Moonkin pairing so I made ANOTHER alt to keep my occupied.

I've always wanted a strictly PVP toon and what better class to PVP as than a Rogue? Normally I try to keep my toons names serious but I thought to myself "who wants to get ganked by a Rogue with a serious name?" so I named him Bucksavage. I had an Orc Warlock named Sisterfister on a PVP server for the same reason.

I only got Buck to level 6 but I sent him 4 16-slot bags and 4g to get started. Step 1 was to run to Darnassus and have my wife port me to Stormwind to learn 1h sword. Any Rogue that doesn't level Combat/Swords should be shot according to the 70 Rogues I know. Step 2 was to finish all the noob quests and log out at Goldshire. Mission accomplished!

In other alt news, I got my Warrior, Adiar, up to 34 and FINALLY finished her Cyclonian quest chain to get the Whirlwind Axe. I had to take Veresitha out to Arathi to farm the elementals needed and enlisted the help of a friends Priest to come kill the 40 elite elemental summoned at the end.

The same friend has a Mage and another in-game friend has a Warrior in their early 30's so I quested with them on my Shadowpriest, Telura, in STV up to 33.

It was a lazy day but after raiding a few days in a row I needed a break.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

A guildies Kara run came up short on DPS spots so he asked me if I wouldn't mind taking my Shaman. I told him that my Elemental set needed work but I could respec Enhancement and probably do fine.

A majority of the people in the run were primarily there for badges so I made out like a bandit, picking these up -

[Cyclone Faceguard]
[Bracers of the White Stag]
[Boots of Foretelling]
[Belt of Gale Force]
[Heart-Flame Leggings]
[Forest Wind Shoulderpads]
[Badge of Justice]x22

After Kara I used my badges to pick up [Shawl of Shifting Probabilities].

The next night we ran Heroic Slave Pens and I picked up [Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth] & [Pauldrons of Wild Magic].

Last night, for some reason or another, our guild leader whispered me and asked if I'd take my Warlock to SSC as they were short on DPS again. I had told him that I had just run ZA the night before and was a bit burnt out. He asked what spec my Shaman was and I responded "Elemental but his gear is still a bit lacking." Instantly I received a raid invite and was asked to bring my undergeared Shammy to SSC. WTF?

I'll admit it was fun and I had never thought in a million years that I would be raiding on my Shaman in SSC. We downed Lurker in one shot and all was well but they were short healers and one of our Resto Shaman had signed on so I was replaced before we pulled Tidewalker.

After the raid I picked up 2 Nether Vortex using my Warlocks badges and picked up the mats for a friend of mine to craft me [Monsoon Belt]. It's nice knowing that I have an SSC quality belt as a non-raider.

[Omor's Unyieleding Will] dropped last night in Heroic Ramparts and I picked up enough badges of justice from the SSO dailies today to pick up [Skycall Totem].

Last but not least, I finally got Revered with the SSO and picked up Seeker's Gavel. I know it's more a Pally Tank weapon but it was 30 more spell damage that my current POS dagger and the +spell hit is nice. It'll do until the first boss in heroic Magister's drops his dagger.

Over the course of a few days, my Shaman is totally ready for Kara and I would even say Gruul's Lair/Mag. Hopefully they drag me along to a few more raids lol.

Friday, April 4, 2008


At the start of this blog I was hoping that I would have enough to write about with just focusing on my Boomkin, Jandrae. Sadly the level grind has been slower than expected (thank you 2.4 dailies, you bastards!) and a majority of my recent blogs have been about my main Warlock, Veresitha, and my main-alt Shaman, Mutoh.

Not today, but sometime soon I -might- change the focus of this blog from just my Moonkin to all of my toons since I suffer from alt-itis but have enough 70's and knowledge to give good (I think) info on each class and specs. Again, I'd like to have a strictly-Moonkin blog so I haven't talked myself in to this change yet.

If this does occur, I'll wind up tagging my posts with the classes mentioned inside to make it easier to navigate. I also update this blog from work about 98% of the time which explains the lack of images and nifty wowhead links. I'm going to start editing posts when I get home to include these things to make the blog more appealing, informative and easier on the eyes.

I also find this layout and color scheme and bit dull so I'll be toying around with the different layouts and whatnot sometime in the near future. I'm almost 100% sure I'm the only one who reads my blog anyway but who knows.. maybe someday a few people will start to read it and I don't want them to run scared from the drab appearance of ZOMGZ Treants. Speaking of which, the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue so a name change might be due as well. We'll see ^_^.

(Insert witty title here.)

Not a lot to update with at the moment. Still busy doing dailies trying to get the badge vendor open T_T.

Ran UB the other night at 63 with a 67 Shadowstep Rogue in the group that I demolished in DPS even while healing for each boss encounter. I'm liking this Boomkin thing =). I think a lot has to do with spell rotation as Insect Swarm, Moonfire, Starfire x3 works nicely together and provides the highest overall DPS if both manage to finish their duration.

I made the switch to Elemental on Mutoh as well and picked up a few green pieces to fill in the gaps. I also picked up the epic Lightning Crown for 140g which was a steal in my opinion. There is no stats but it'll be great for instancing with the mass amount of crit and damage.

Someone was selling the Storms deck for 512g which is pretty cheap so I bought it to hold on to. I'm not sure if i'll wait until the Faire is in town and sell it or give it to Jandrae or Mutoh. My wife's Mage, Natallia, might also want it but she isn't sure if she wants to replace the Icon of the Silver Crescent with something that isn't a push-to-use. She sure as hell isn't replacing the Serpent-Coil Braid from Tidewalker with it.

Ah, we'll see.

Last night GTK's raid team was short again (drama drama) so instead of wasting time in SSC with a short raid they took a break and went to Mount Hyjal just to have some fun, check out a new instance and clear some trash for free epics.

I'm no longer a raider but I was asked to go to fill in a spot since their 3rd Warlock had quit raiding earlier in the day (drama again). I've always wanted to raid end game as a Felguard Warlock after reading Nyarleothep's article at Warlocks Den & Elitist Jerks so I didn't turn it down.

Honestly, I had a blast last night. I loved how the instance worked with NPC's helping out and wave after wave of mobs pouring in. Overall I'd say I did really well as with no consumables what-so-ever I still managed to pull 4th in DPS behind 2 Arcane Mages and a Destruction Warlock.

Talk about luck though! In roughly 4 hours of trash clearing we all managed to obtain Friendly status with Scales of the Sand, our Paladin tank got the spell damage mace, our main Rogue got BOTH of the new Molten Fury fist weapons.. BOTH!, one of our Warrior tanks got the +dodge tanking cloak and 2 patterns dropped. I'd say it was totally worth the grind and wouldn't mind going once a week just to clear trash.

I'm really glad I was asked to go as the only thing i've wanted to do in WoW for months was to raid end-game content as a Demonology Warlock just to show their potential and I think I did that last night. If and when I stop playing WoW I can be totally content and happy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Silvermoon has moved down to 22nd overall but our portal is almost open. I think we're 75-ish% through phase 2 as well. I can't wait for the badge vendor T_T.

In other news, DING 63! Alternating 2 70's through about 15 dailies per day takes it's toll on me & not wanting to actually quest or do anything on an alt at the moment. In fact, I don't really have much of an update today at all.

I've got my Enhancement set on Mutoh up to par for Kara so I'm trying to get a decent Elemental set as well. I'm starting from scratch and haven't had a single piece of Tidefury drop for me so I started with the 5-piece PVP rep set that came out with 2.4.

Some of the pieces, in my opinion, are better than Tidefury and slightly under what i'd get for S1 honor gear. Outside of those 5 pieces, I've picked up a Draenei Honor Guard shield for 30g out of the AH to put in the bank. The staff from BM dropped and no one wanted it so I took it for starters but I know Shaman need a shield to take a beating.

Man I'm sick of doing dailies.