Monday, May 12, 2008

Ding 64 x 2.

Got Adiar and Jandrae to 64 over the weekend after finishing up Zangarmarsh and a few UB runs. Jandrae got a healing cloak for an offset but I'm really after the moonkin gloves from the first boss. He won't stop dropping the friggin totem!

I've been stuck healing with Jandrae on the last few pugs. Not that i've had trouble getting in to groups as a moonkin but the groups just always seem to need a healer. Lifebloom makes healing 100x easier and less mana intensive. Once I get a good healing set together I won't mind healing as much but for now it still kinda sucks. I've gotten compliments on my healing despite being Balance specced, so I guess I'm doing OK.

I respecced Adiar to a Fury/Arms hybrid build with DW spec down to Precision and then went Arms for Deep Wounds, Impale and working down to get a few points in Sword Spec. So far I seem to be killing faster while in combat but there is a little more downtime without Bloodcraze's healing effect.

My wife wants to run UB and MT tonight so I just need to decide who to take. I think I'm going to take Jandrae until the last boss and then swap her out for Adiar for a shot at the shoulders. We'll see.

A bit more guild drama over the weekend as well which actually led to my wife logging out in the middle of the raid in frustration but I'll refrain from going in to details because things are still up in the air at this point. Run-on sentence of the year!

I got my little Hunter alt, Serpentina, to 10 and made the long, multi-death run from Darkshore to Orgrimmar to tame a level 9 Venemous Scorpid. Sure, I could have waited but I really wanted a Scorpid since everyone and their mother has a Ravager. I named him Pepper ^_^. The whole run took about 25 minutes and lasted me about 4 deaths. It should have taken a shorter amount of time had I figured out that rezzing at a spirit rezzer at level 10 wouldnt give me rez sickness and I could have graveyard hopped the entire way there. DOH! Ah well.. I earned Pepper the hard way.

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