Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guild Drama 3: in 3D!

When I joined GTK as a raider, Veresitha was fire-specced Destruction and had no problems keeping up with (and sometimes beating) the top DPS spots. I was made fun of, laughed at and basically told that I had to spec Shadow Destruction to raid. No matter how good my dps was I was asked to respec and, for the good of the guild, I did.

Now I know that with my being fire and my wife's mage, Natallia, being fire that we built each others DPS. She was also asked to respec Arcane along with ALL of the guilds mages.

At the time, this made sense because Curse of Shadows was being used and that helps all of our Shadow Priests, Warlocks and Arcane Mages.

Arcane Mages don't need a lot of hit.. so for the last few months of raiding they were not rolling on +hit gear and focused on damage and crit. Our guild lets people roll on off-spec gear that no one wants for their main spec by paying a void crystal instead of EPGP but the raid leader and officers refused to let arcane mages roll on +hit gear for void crystals claiming fire or frost was not an "off spec" yet our Warlock guild leader was able to get the Voidstar Talisman with a void crystal because, according to him, Demonology is an off-spec.

How is Demonology an off-spec but Fire and Frost are not? Easy! The guild leader is not a Mage.

So yesterday my wife tells me that after their SSC raid, the guild leader had spoken to her and said that he wanted all of the Mages to go Fire as two of our 3 Warlocks would be going Fire. Wait.. so I was laughed at and basically spit on for being fire but now that the guild leader is falling behind in DPS he wants to respec 5 or 6 of our casters for HIS dps?

My wife told him that she brought it to his attention before that Mages should have been given off-spec gear for crystals incase this day would come when they needed to respec but the GL was against the idea. The GL said that if it's an issue than JUST ONE of the Mages will respec fire so HE could get the Improved Scorch debuff to up HIS dps. What a douchebag.

He needs to know that a Warlock is not meant to be a top-dps spot class since we provide more to the party than just our dps. He NEEDS to be the top in his raid group and in order to do that he'll bring down 5 other people for his own gain. We've had issues before with him stacking his party in the raid with an Elemental Shaman and a Moonkin so he could get the crit/hit/spell damage buffs and he has the other Warlocks handle Curse of Shadow/Element duty and banish duty to pad his own DPS.

Going back to the Imp Scorch debuff, this same Warlock guild leader refused to put up Curse of Elements for our Fire Mage, which is an instant cast mind you.. yet he wants one Mage to keep up 5 Imp Scorch debuffs on every single mob so HE can get a boost to HIS dps. Selfish people kill me and this is why I'm glad I don't raid anymore.

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