Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello Nagrand! + Wrath Info reaction.

Just to get the small part of my post out of the way, I totally skipped Terrokar Forest on Jandrae and headed straight for Nagrand at 64. I haven't started the "mastery" quest chains yet but managed to hit up the Jump-o-tron chain for the caster cape. It's a good start!

Blizz released some new info on Wrath which 98% of WoW players already read about. I was a little excited about Wrath before (not as much as I was about TBC) but after reading the info I'm fully excited about the new content. What I am mostly anticipating is -

*Northrend is BIGGER than Outlands and has multiple starting zones from you to pick from. This will eliminate what happened with TBC with thousands of players crammed in to Hellfire Penninsula. Great move on their part.

*All instances will continue to have multiple wings, much like TBC instances did, but will also include heroic versions, 10 -AND- 25 man raids. Not only this but the normal and heroic versions will have seperate loot tables (unlike the level 70 instances in TBC where the only difference was a possible epic gem drop and the epics from the final bosses). All major raid bosses will also appear in both the 10 and 25 man versions of the raid & all raids will be on seperate timers. This allows guilds to run the 10 man version and 25 man version on the same day. End game guilds will have way more to do this time around instead of having 2 choices before progressing.

*Arugal & the worgen return! Arugal was one of my favorite bosses early on in the game and I bet he's going to be brutal now. I'm sure he'll just be some boss in one of the instance wings but it's nice to see returning faces. The little that I heard about it, apparently he was ressurected to lead the Sons of Arugal somehow.

*Lore focuses on Arthas, the Corrupted Ashbringer and the Scourge which is right up my alley. I wasn't to fond of the Burning Legion lore at first so TBC was just a grind to 70, getting a flying mount and raiding. WOTLK is going to be a more enjoyable ride to 80 and should keep me interested the entire way, instead of just blowing through quests.

*New flying mounts at 77 as well as new instance & quest specific mounts. I'm glad they won't make us wait until 80 for a new mounts. I also like the idea of the new quest Mammoth having it's own combat bar. Apparently you'll be able to do cool things like drop ladders dowm from your flyer to rescue NPC's being attacked by Scourge. In instances you'll be able to access specific flying mounts to reach certain areas of the dungeon that would otherwise be unreachable.

*Death Knights. The new info released made the DK class a bit more appealing to me. At first I couldn't care less about completing a quest chain to start ANOTHER alt that I'd have to level alongside thousands of other players doing the same thing. There was an ongoing joke in our Horde guild that went something like "DK LFG!.. LF1M for Kara.. NO DKS!.. Tanking DK, DPS DK LF3M for Labs!".. you get the point.

-Blizzard confirmed that the DPS version of a DK will not be able to out-dps a pure DPS class as they'll be more of a utility as well.

-They have the ability to ressurect fallen players and mobs as a "ghoul" to fight alongside them. If they control a player, the player has the option to take control of the ghoul version and fight manually.

-They tank with a 2h and are forced to rely on a huge Parry rating. I, personally, expect to see a huge increase in the +Armor stat to 2h weapons. They can also dual weild.

-Rather than respeccing, they only have to use specific runes and Pally-like Aura's to fullfil their tanking or dps roles.

-No more quest chains are needed to start a DK. A player only needs a toon of 55+ to be able to create one. They start at level 55 in EPL on a floating Necropolis similar to Naxx.

-Will be very easy to pick up and play, apparently, and will start with a summonable level 40 speed mount. At 60 they will have a quest chain similar to a Warlock or Paladin to receive their faster epic mount. Most players should be able to get from 55 to 58 in a day and then 58 to 60 in a few hours in Hellfire so I expect to see epic DK mounts in the first 2 days. Maybe even 1 in the first day depending on how fast they level.

I'm sure every WoW-blog on the net right now has something about WOTLK going on but I'll try to refrain from just posting direct info about the expansion and just focus on what I think is important and interesting to seperate my posts from others.

Tonight starts the "mastery" chain for Jandrae and hopefully I'll squeeze in an Underbog and Mana Tombs run before I pass out. Other than that, it's lots of music and beast genocide in Nagrand. Thank Jeebus I'm a skinner!

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