Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Name Change pt. 2

I had previously made a post explaining the name change and new direction of my blog but Blogger was kind enough to give me an error message when I hit the "publish" button. Normally it saves it as a draft but I had lost everything.

The short version of this is that recently I've been blogging about all 4 of my toons and wanted to steer away from a Moonkin-only blog and layout. The title of the blog is a play on "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" considering my toons are a Warlock (Lock), Shaman (Shock) with 2 female Nelf toons being a Warrior and Druid (two smokin' night elves).

Here is a little info on the 4 toons in this blog-

Veresitha - My 70 female Human Warlock. Raided with her in SSC, TK, Kara, Gruuls and 4/6 in ZA before putting her on hold. I put the most work in to her but GTK's raiding schedule doesn't match my work schedule so I discontinued raiding for the moment. She's 375 Shadoweave Tailor as well as 375 Enchanting and is currently Demonology raid specced 5-46-10.

Mutoh - My 70 male Draenei Shaman named after The Great Muta, Keiji Mutoh. Raided Kara and Gruuls but nothing more. I played him as Resto but hated healing 5-mans as a Shaman so I respecced Enhancement. Stayed Enhance for awhile but went back to Elemental which I leveled as and currently love it and refuse to respec out of it. I had a blast running heroics and Kara getting badges for gear but once our alt-Kara runs stopped I didn't have much to do with him so much like Veresitha he's on hold for the moment. Mutoh is my farmbot at 375 Herbalism and 375 Mining.

Adiar - At the time of this post, she is my level 63 female Night Elf Warrior and my primary focus in WoW. Once she hit's 70, she'll be my main toon and focus when WOTLK is released. Currently leveling as DW Fury, I love tanking and will be Prot specced at 70. She is a Blacksmith/Engineer but very low at the moment. I'll focus more on these at 70.

Jandrae - Currently sitting at 63, she is my female Night Elf Druid Moonkin. I play her along side my wife's Shadowpriest, Catalis. She's currently playing her Hunter, Darbley, so Jandrae is on hold until Catalis gets the dust knocked off her. I leveled her Balance and love the spec but I don't want to play her without Catalis. She is a 375 Skinner and 330-ish Tribal Leatherworker & I have full intentions on getting her to 70 before WOTLK.

I'm also going to put more effort in to the presentation of my blog with images and links. The lack of this is due to the fact that 100% of my posts are done at work where certain websites I need to link are blocked behind a firewall. I'm also going to work on tagging posts that deal with specific toons, raid/boss, professions, etc., to make it easier to navigate.

At the moment I don't get a lot of readers but I'd rather have it look nice to attract new readers. Lets see how things turn out!

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