Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2.4 is LIVE!


I want to be more excited, but i'm not. I like the patch content but not what happens after the patch.

My Warlock main has about 177 badges in the bank and the 2 pieces I need the most are boots and pants which are 175 total. Thats fine.. but I know the next few days are going to be full of instance server crashes, hotfixes and rolling restarts.

What I'm not excited about? Being asked to summon the slackers in to the instance instead of using the summon stone outside.

I am, however, looking forward to the new quests, new zone, new 5-man and new badge gear once it's unlocked. I am also glad that we Locks dodged a bullet for a potential nerfing of Life Tap. Whew!

There really wasn't much in there to effect Jandrae outside of the new badge loot and bosses dropping 3 tier tokens making it easier for me to gear her up. I do plan on taking her in to Kara but I don't know if she'll go any further since she's just an alt.

On a side note, my LW is up to 335 and my Skinning is close to being maxed out at level 62. Getting Maim as a new spell 62 wasn't very excited as a Balance Druid though lol.

Let's go see how the new patch treats my Warlock!

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