Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello Outlands! (Revenge is Sweet)

My wife and I had about 3 bubbles to 58 so we decided to go grind out on Felboars and the buzzards out in Hellfire. 2 70 Horde tried to make our lives miserable by training mobs over to us and dropping Snake Traps. I still have no idea how a Snake Trap dropped on a PVE server can still attack the opposing faction. A ST from a 70 on a 57 really hurts.

I recognized the guild they were in so I sign on to my Horde toon and whispered them, asking nicely if they would piss off so we could continue what we were doing. This went on for about an hour until some friends of ours showed up on their 70's to taunt them. One of our friends brought his Hunter and gave them a taste of the Snake Trap bug and eventually one of them left.

We had the idea to flag so we could eventually just get it out of the way and get the Hordie killed. Eventually he tried to train a Fel Reaver over to us but he was dismounted and nearly killed until he bubbled.

I'd say no more than 20 minutes later, a 61 Undead Mage targets my wife and hits her with a Frost Bolt. I dropped trees on him and crit him with a 1500 Starfire. The stun procced and my wife nailed him with a Mind Blast crit to take him down. As soon as that happened, a 58 Tauren Druid that was stealthed Ravaged me for about 700 damage and then he got raped. PVP is going to be fun on my Moonkin at 70!

Afterwards, just for paybacks, the 4 or 5 70's from our guild that were around decided to go take out Thrallmar and did so for a good solid hour.

On a good note, I did manage to hit 58 and get my skinning to about 302 and I started my Tribal Leatherworking quest. Farming Turtle Scales is FTL! We did about 4 or 5 quests and got 4 huge upgrades with a staff, helm, legs and a blue chest from the quest to mark the towers over at Zeth'gor.

There is a BoE idol called Idol of the Moon that I want that increases the damage from Moonfire. There is also a leather helm from the BF quest at 61. It'll all come in due time, of course!

Last night was my final night raiding with my guild. There were some personal decisions that I had to make and I decided to make them now instead of waiting and it being twice as hard to do. The short end of it is that they raid too early and I'm falling behind in EPGP (DKP sort of) and eventually it'll get to the point where i'll be so far behind in gear that I won't be able to pull my weight. As a DPS class (Warlock), that isn't going to secure my raid spot.

Ah well. Time to concentrate on my BOOMKIN!

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