Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guild Drama 2: The Return.

When things go on behind the scenes and nothing is explained to the rest of the guild, players will form their own opinions based on what information IS being shared.

With that being said, what happened in SSC on Thursday night is a prime example. What was initially told to us is that "Person A & B are having connection issues" shortly followed by "Person A has left the guild". To clarify, Person A & B are married. Person A is our raid leader and Person B is our healing class leader. 2 major people in our raids success.

All that was known by the raiders is that Person A was upset that we would bring players in to the raid that were undergeared, specced incorrectly, not gemmed or enchanted correctly and that the Guild Leader overrode his descision by allowing said people to raid with us that night anyway. This upset Person A enough to say they've had enough, leave the raid group and eventually disconnect.

Based on THAT information, I made the descision that since Person A was a huge part of our guilds success and that I agreed with them that we should never bring in people to a 25 man raid unless they are geared and ready to go, that I would no longer raid as a backup unless this person was leading the raid. After all, the person LEADING the raid should have the final say-so in who is actually raiding with us.

Apparently others in the guild felt the same way that I did and responded to Person A's post on the forums in the same fashion. They felt without Person A's leadership, our guild would not be able to progress.

This caused quite the uproar and the officers felt it was necessary to explain the ENTIRE situation to us. I wish this was done initially but I understand why it wasn't. To them, they had no idea how this was going to play out while we were already in SSC and didn't want to give any misinformation.

Apparently the top guild on our server has the top Resto Druid on the server and they had stopped raiding. This Druid is friends with a few people from our guild and offered to bring his Druid to raid SSC with us. We already have 1 Resto Druid but just lost our best Resto Shammy. As luck would have it, this Druid also has a Resto Shammy alt and offered to bring him instead.

This was done on a moments notice with no time for preperation on the Druids part but Person A had told the other officers that the Shaman's gear was under what was needed for SSC, his gems sucked and his spec was off.. just not in as nice of terms. Again, this is the top Resto Druid on our server. He has raided SSC, killed Illidan numerous times and obviously knew a thing or two about raiding. Person A continued to belittle the Druid's Shaman alt and said that if he comes to the raid then Person A wouldn't be there.

Person A was against the Shaman coming.. the other 5 officers were for it.

On top of this, we had 1 Holy Priest, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Mage & our only Moonkin no-show the raid and our best Rogue was late. With 24 people the raid made their way to Lurker while, according to the officers that explained the situation to us, Person A was not DPSing, not dropping totems and cursing out the other officers in officer chat (in guild) the entire way. The officers asked if they could discuss the matter AFTER the raid to which Person A said there was nothing to discuss. Que him leaving the raid group. His wife, Person B, had told the officers she couldn't play under the stress of her husband freaking out & a crying child so she had to log out as well.

Que "Person A & B are having connection issues".

After leaving the raid group, according to the officers, Person A continued to curse out the other officers in officer chat while they tried to replace the missing people. With Person A & B leaving, that left us with 22 people standing around Lurker's fishing hole. This is when I was whispered to fill in. Also asked to fill in was a Druid friend of an officer/Pally MT and at the same time the above mentioned Rogue signed on and was brought in.

Finally, with 25 people, we pulled Lurker and wiped. With patch 2.4 came bugs and Lurker was no exception. Our MT was getting "target must be in front of you" issues while myself and about 4 or 5 others were being damaged by his Spout ability while we were under water. I was also being hit with Whirl while off the main ring AND underwater which caused an early death in the wipe. Our Hunters also reported LOS issues while DPS'ing from the islands. No idea why this happened but eventually we downed him and moved on to Tidewalker and wiped 3 times before calling the raid.

I feel this part of the story was important because after 4 hours of wiping with only 1 boss down everyone was in a crabby mood. This fueled the fire with us only knowing a tiny portion of the story and we blamed the nightmare on our raid leader not being present and our best Holy Priest having to log out (Person B). This, to me, explains why we felt the way we did. No one was explained anything and we formed our opinions with the little bits of information that we were given.

I was the first person to respond to the post saying that I wish I hadn't chosen a side without being given the full story but I still felt that this person was a core part of our guilds success in our raids and that without him it's going to be hard but i'm sure we'll pull through. I said that I wished things would be resolved but honestly I don't see that happening. I later whispered the same officer that explained the entire situation and said that even though I said I'm finished with raiding that until they find a full time Warlock that i'd fill in the spot because I owe it to the guild that helped gear and educate me.

Personally, there isn't much more that I can do but wait and see how everything plays out and I expect to be drug in to the raid on Sunday for 5 hours. I'll pick up some consumables and do what I can but I've already respecced and regemmed my toon to Demonology for solo-play and 5-man dungeons and will not respec/regem back to Affliction to fill a raid spot. I hope they like my Felguard =).

On a Moonkin note, I FINALLY played her for the first time since 2.4 hit and gained about 6 bubbles in to 62 but I didn't have a ton of time after the lengthy officer discussion on vent to do much else. Hopefully tonight I can run Magister's Terrace on Heroic with Veresitha and play a bit on Jandrae since, most likely, i'll be stuck in SSC tomorrow.

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