Monday, March 31, 2008

I pity the foo'!

So apparently our server has adopted "MrT" as the acronym for Magisters Terrace to avoid confusion with Mana Tombs, much like what happened with Deadmines and Dire Maul. I'll admit it's quite funny seeing someone looking for a Healer for Heroic MrT.

Speaking of which, I FINALLY got the chance to run it on Veresitha. Wow. That's really all I can say is "wow". We only had 1 hangup but we had an amazing group make up. I have NO idea how anyone can do MrT on heroic without 3 classes that provide some sort of CC for the 3rd boss.

The trash was pretty similar to normal mode but of course hit harder and live longer. The bosses each provided a little something extra as well, with the exception to the 3rd boss.

The first boss now uses Drain Mana which needs to be interrupted or you're group will suffer a lot more AoE explosions after the crystal drain phase. The second boss spawns 2 orbs at a time instead of one & Kael'thas now has a Pyroblast.

I'm not exactly sure what the Pyroblast looks like because our group tore him apart before he had a chance to cast it. From what I've heard, he surrounds himself in a bubble that has it's own health pool and then starts the cast. The shield has to be destroyed and he has to be hit before the cast time is over or your tank gets hit for 65k and dies.

Our group consisted of 1 Arcane Mage, 1 Fire Mage, 1 Felguard/Demonology Warlock, 1 Druid Tank and 1 Holy/Disc Priest all geared for SSC/TK.

Overall it was a lot of fun and a little challenging but i'd still say Heroic Arc is the hardest instance to date since Heroic Durn was nerfed. It's not TOO hard by any means and provides a nice challenge for players that are at least in Heroic/Kara quality gear.

The only gripe I have is that the 3rd boss would be almost impossible without 3 forms of CC. This leaves out Elemental & Enhancement Shaman, Balance Druids (boo!), Fury & Arms DPS Warriors and without any of the Demon adds a Warlock is going to have trouble keeping their Succubus alive to Seduce after it breaks once. There is also the case of bad luck if the Warrior add charges her, she'll die in one hit. Fear is always an option but not a very good one unless you are specced for Curse of Exhaustion.

So far I've gotten the epic gloves from Kael for Veresitha. Shockingly and sadly they're better than my T4. My Shaman could use a laundry list of upgrades from MrT but so far only 1 has dropped for me with the +haste melee DPS cape.

I was also upset to learn that the Void Shatter enchant requires an upgraded enchanting rod which will take an arm and a leg to do AND it's on a 24 hour cooldown. WTF? It's the ONLY enchant to even use it so far as well. GG.

As for a Moonkin update, I ran SP last night and got a few more bubbles in to 62. The level grind is taking forever since 2-3 hours of my day is spent doing dailies on 2 different toons and that I ONLY play her when my wife and our friend Odo is on. Once we hit 70 though it's all fair game and i'll be playing Jandrae a lot more. I also won't be doing as many dailies once the SSO event is over.

For the final update, I just wanted to say that I'm proud of our little server of Silvermoon. A majority of the server are tools but our server is ranked 19th of 214 US servers as far as Shattered Sun Offensive progression goes. I bet that place is a NIGHTMARE on PVP servers. Oh, and I want to spec my Shammy Elemental for a little bit. I'm having horrible luck with Enhancement drops and could buy 5 pieces of Elemental gear. I'm also having horrible luck with Elemental pieces dropping too though. Not 1 piece of Tidefury so far T_T.

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