Monday, March 17, 2008

It burns when I PVP.

Now i'm not a Resto Druid by any means. I'm a lazor owl, nature cannon, boomkin, doomkin, what-have-you.. BUT.. I hate when classes get nerfed in PVE over something that happens in PVP.

Such is the case with Lifebloom losing 8% of it's bonus healing because the devs at Blizzard feel it's to powerful in Arena. Lamesauce. What this does is make it harder for Stickform Druids to heal in PVE, as explained by Lifebloomer.

Even if I were a Shaman or a Warlock (of which I am actually both) I wouldn't appreciate it when other classes get a PVE nerf because of PVP.

Thanks to Leafshine for the banner to post on blogs and forums to protest not only the current Druid nerf but for me to protest PVP nerfs that affect PVE in general.

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