Monday, March 17, 2008

There is something about stacks of dead animal flesh in my bank..

I swore that i'd never take another crafting profession again after getting two tailors to 375. I already have an Herbalist & Miner with my Shaman. My Druid's Alchemy was up to about 112 but her Herbalism was only 2. Thats right.. 2.

See, months ago when I started Jandrae, a friend of mine in-game was just picking up Herbalism for his newly 70 Shaman. He didn't want any of the herbs until he got to Outlands so he gave them all to me to up my Alchemy. 112 was as high as I could get with his herbs but I was too lazy to go farm at level 30-ish.

The other night I was looking through the Tribal Leatherworking stuff and found a few nice epic pieces for level 70 that wouldn't be to hard to farm for, so I dropped Herbalism and Alchemy and picked up Leatherworking and Skinning.

After following people in Ashenvale & STV for a few hours I finally got to 225 Skinning and used the leather to hit 180 Leatherworking. Grinding out LW is a lot like tailoring in the sense that you only level up to the point of being able to make new bolts of cloth, then making nothing but those bolts until they turn gray. With LW, it's the same way with making items until you can learn to cure certain types of hide or convert leather in to a higher grade of leather and then doing only that until it turns gray.

At this rate I hope to be in Outlands sometime this weekend. I'm off for 3 days and would like nothing more than to rake in some of those caster leather quest rewards!

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