Friday, March 28, 2008

Guild Drama

Last night was an unusual night for Grand Theft Kodo. I had notified my guild that I would no longer be raiding but was asked to come to SSC. The guild leader had no problems that I had respecced out of my raid spec and was full Affliction, had no consumables and a whopping 9 Soul Shards so I knew they were desperate for help. They've done a lot to gear my character so the least I could do was help them when they needed it. I just hope they don't get the wrong idea and ask me to come to ALL of the raids. I stopped raiding for a reason.

My wife explained to me that earlier in the night we had a few no-shows and to fill the gaps they had invited people in to our guild and ranked them up to a raider without giving them a trial. This irritated our raid leader (who is not our guild leader) and he said that he refused to lead a trash raid filled with people who didn't belong in there and with new people who weren't even given a chance to prove themselves so he logged out and took his wife with him (who is our head healing Priest).

I totally agree with the guy. When I joined GTK I had to have close to full epics just to show that I was serious about my toon BEFORE I applied. I also had to run the gauntlet of doing numerous heroics with Officers to show that I knew my class and could follow directions and take criticism. I EARNED my raid spot. Pulling in people who haven't even sent in an application and instantly making them raiders not only shows favoritism, in my opinion, but shows desperation.

Dragging these people in to SSC on a moments notice without them reading strats or even so much as watching the videos is not only unfair to those of us that attend, wipe and spend money and consumables for them to learn the fights but also the guild. Like I said, I earned my spot. Nothing was handed to me or the people I raid with normally. This irritated our raid leader so he quit. Not only did he leave the raid group but he gquit shortly after.

Hopefully he comes back as he was, hands down, our best raid leader. Last nights SSC raid was blind without him and was a complete nightmare. If he doesn't there will be a large gap in our guild that I'm not sure could be filled by anyone else.

I had a bit of an issue last night as well. After notifying GTK that I would no longer be raiding I still attended the last 2 raids because I knew they needed help. They still had me listed as a raider and I was earning EP (DKP-ish points). Last night when we downed Lurker, the cloth boots dropped and they were a nice upgrade for me. I notified our Master Looter that I was interested in them and I hadn't spent any EP since our frist raid in SSC about 2 months ago. I lost out on them to a Shadowpriest (nothing against him. I like him and he's a great player) who has gotten 2 pieces of loot over the last 3 weeks.

Later in the night, Spyglass of the Hidden Fleet dropped off trash and I wanted it for my Demonology set. I lost out to a Druid (who is a close in-game friend of mine) who I know had a lower EP/GP ratio than me as well. I had no idea why but sometime in the last 24-48 hours I had been demoted to a "relief pitcher" which means that I cannot win loot, reguardless of my EP, if a player of "raider" status rolls against me. You're welcome for the help. GG.

After 4 miserable hours I did some of the SSO dailies on my Shaman and called it an early night. I worked early the next day (today) and needed to get some sleep.

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