Monday, March 24, 2008

Rugged Leather is FTL

Ran Ramparts and Blood Furnace a few times over the weekend and finished the quest for [Moonkin Headdress]. Also FINALLY found an [Idol of the Moon] for sale on the AH for 50g. It was a bit steep but I had been looking for it forever.

Skinning is finally maxed out and I've been farming ore on my Shammy to sell and fund Jandrae's Leatherworking. Speaking of which, I had a bitch of a time finding the pattern for [Turtle Scale Gloves]. Turns out the only NPC that sells the pattern is the guy who gives you the Tribal quest chain and it's a horrible spawn rate. I just picked up the mats and had someone craft me 2 pair. I am now, for the love of god, a Tribal Leatherworker.

I'm up to 285 Leatherworking and my god is Rugged Leather EXPENSIVE on my server! 18-20g per stack! I don't know if thats normal but I didn't skin much before moving on to Knothide Leather in Outlands so I'm having to either farm it or buy it. Farming ore in Outlands is 10 times easier and I can buy it in mass quantities that way.

I'm proud of my little Doomkin and the gear I've acquired so far. I can't wait to hit 64 and get the two leather caster items from Underbog.

My wishlist, however, is topped by these which is the main reason I took Tribal Leatherworking.

[Windhawk Belt]
[Windhawk Bracers]
[Windhawk Hauberk]

A friend of mine is helping farm the Primal Air's with his Mote Extractor while I up my Leatherworking. It's nice to have helpful people in the game =D.

Also wanted to note that I took the script off of Wowhead's website to add item mouse-overs to my blog. FTW!

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