Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My wife has been playing her Dwarf Hunter a lot lately which doesn't leave us a lot of time to play our Shadowpriest/Moonkin pairing so I made ANOTHER alt to keep my occupied.

I've always wanted a strictly PVP toon and what better class to PVP as than a Rogue? Normally I try to keep my toons names serious but I thought to myself "who wants to get ganked by a Rogue with a serious name?" so I named him Bucksavage. I had an Orc Warlock named Sisterfister on a PVP server for the same reason.

I only got Buck to level 6 but I sent him 4 16-slot bags and 4g to get started. Step 1 was to run to Darnassus and have my wife port me to Stormwind to learn 1h sword. Any Rogue that doesn't level Combat/Swords should be shot according to the 70 Rogues I know. Step 2 was to finish all the noob quests and log out at Goldshire. Mission accomplished!

In other alt news, I got my Warrior, Adiar, up to 34 and FINALLY finished her Cyclonian quest chain to get the Whirlwind Axe. I had to take Veresitha out to Arathi to farm the elementals needed and enlisted the help of a friends Priest to come kill the 40 elite elemental summoned at the end.

The same friend has a Mage and another in-game friend has a Warrior in their early 30's so I quested with them on my Shadowpriest, Telura, in STV up to 33.

It was a lazy day but after raiding a few days in a row I needed a break.

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