Monday, April 28, 2008

Domo Arigato Mr Fel Reaver.

After a night of sushi and drinking I still managed to hit 58 on Adiar and take her to Outlands. Outlands is usually a breath of fresh air for me on my toons but with Adiar it was dissapointing.

Sure, I loved getting all the free upgrades for doing next to nothing but I had worked to get gear in BRD, Strat and Scholo only to see it dissapear in a day or so. I was proud to get my Valor helm in my first Scholo run but replaced it yesterday before I hit 59. My epic Bloodrazor was replaced with a green 1h sword from the first quest and my Strat shield was replaced shortly after.

Ah well, it's the nature of the beast. Greens are the new Epics when you hit Outlands and it's for the better. If I had gone in to tank Ramparts in what I had when I entered Outlands I would have done OK but I've gained over 1k health and +30 def since then.

I did enough quests to hit 60, trained and picked up my Swift Frostsaber mount from Darnassus before calling it a night.

Hopefully tonight I can get in on a Ramparts run since there are a few upgrades as well as the quest I have.

Still debating on when a good time to respec Prot will be.

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