Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweeping Strikes + Whirlwind = Win.

As you could have guessed by the title, I've been playing my Warrior a lot lately. Adiar is now 51 up from 34 a few days ago and should be stepping foot in Outlands by the weekend.

I'm still debating how to level her once Outlands enters the picture. At the moment she's DW Fury all the way down to Rampage which I don't really care for when soloing but comes in handy when in groups. I'd like to try out the 2H Fury spec for Imp Slam but 2H weapons are way to slow for me. I've also considered leveling Prot and just instancing my arse off.

Why Prot?

I've talked to tanks who have said that it's hard to tank the Outlands instances as Arms or Fury due to the boost in DPS gear for other classes. Without Shield Slam and Devastate it's hard to keep up your threat. On the other end it's hard to get in to a group as an Arms or Fury Warrior for DPS because some people still doubt their potential which is absurd.

I'm trying to weigh out all of my options before I respec at 58. These are my reasons -

Arms - 2H weapons are easily obtainable in Outlands. The Hellreaver polearm from Ramparts lasts a long time and Poleaxe spec is the way to go anyway, IMHO. 1H weapon skills will slowly fall behind. Hard to tank as Arms.

Fury - My 1h weapon skills are maxed for the most part and I'm very familiar with the spec already. Another plus is that when I spec Prot at 70 none of my 1h weapon skills will be low. Harder to tank as Fury.

Prot - Never have a problem finding groups. Very slow solo-grinding and horrible questing spec. Gear is never an issue.

Ah well. I still have 7 levels to think it over. Regardless, I'm still respeccing at 58 to put points in different places and may not go so deep in the Fury tree. It's also nice to see that my Bloodrazor (epic 1h sword, lvl 45) will last me to 58 and that it wasn't a total waste to put Crusader on it.

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