Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Silvermoon has moved down to 22nd overall but our portal is almost open. I think we're 75-ish% through phase 2 as well. I can't wait for the badge vendor T_T.

In other news, DING 63! Alternating 2 70's through about 15 dailies per day takes it's toll on me & not wanting to actually quest or do anything on an alt at the moment. In fact, I don't really have much of an update today at all.

I've got my Enhancement set on Mutoh up to par for Kara so I'm trying to get a decent Elemental set as well. I'm starting from scratch and haven't had a single piece of Tidefury drop for me so I started with the 5-piece PVP rep set that came out with 2.4.

Some of the pieces, in my opinion, are better than Tidefury and slightly under what i'd get for S1 honor gear. Outside of those 5 pieces, I've picked up a Draenei Honor Guard shield for 30g out of the AH to put in the bank. The staff from BM dropped and no one wanted it so I took it for starters but I know Shaman need a shield to take a beating.

Man I'm sick of doing dailies.

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