Friday, April 4, 2008

(Insert witty title here.)

Not a lot to update with at the moment. Still busy doing dailies trying to get the badge vendor open T_T.

Ran UB the other night at 63 with a 67 Shadowstep Rogue in the group that I demolished in DPS even while healing for each boss encounter. I'm liking this Boomkin thing =). I think a lot has to do with spell rotation as Insect Swarm, Moonfire, Starfire x3 works nicely together and provides the highest overall DPS if both manage to finish their duration.

I made the switch to Elemental on Mutoh as well and picked up a few green pieces to fill in the gaps. I also picked up the epic Lightning Crown for 140g which was a steal in my opinion. There is no stats but it'll be great for instancing with the mass amount of crit and damage.

Someone was selling the Storms deck for 512g which is pretty cheap so I bought it to hold on to. I'm not sure if i'll wait until the Faire is in town and sell it or give it to Jandrae or Mutoh. My wife's Mage, Natallia, might also want it but she isn't sure if she wants to replace the Icon of the Silver Crescent with something that isn't a push-to-use. She sure as hell isn't replacing the Serpent-Coil Braid from Tidewalker with it.

Ah, we'll see.

Last night GTK's raid team was short again (drama drama) so instead of wasting time in SSC with a short raid they took a break and went to Mount Hyjal just to have some fun, check out a new instance and clear some trash for free epics.

I'm no longer a raider but I was asked to go to fill in a spot since their 3rd Warlock had quit raiding earlier in the day (drama again). I've always wanted to raid end game as a Felguard Warlock after reading Nyarleothep's article at Warlocks Den & Elitist Jerks so I didn't turn it down.

Honestly, I had a blast last night. I loved how the instance worked with NPC's helping out and wave after wave of mobs pouring in. Overall I'd say I did really well as with no consumables what-so-ever I still managed to pull 4th in DPS behind 2 Arcane Mages and a Destruction Warlock.

Talk about luck though! In roughly 4 hours of trash clearing we all managed to obtain Friendly status with Scales of the Sand, our Paladin tank got the spell damage mace, our main Rogue got BOTH of the new Molten Fury fist weapons.. BOTH!, one of our Warrior tanks got the +dodge tanking cloak and 2 patterns dropped. I'd say it was totally worth the grind and wouldn't mind going once a week just to clear trash.

I'm really glad I was asked to go as the only thing i've wanted to do in WoW for months was to raid end-game content as a Demonology Warlock just to show their potential and I think I did that last night. If and when I stop playing WoW I can be totally content and happy.

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