Friday, April 25, 2008

T-minus 4 levels to go.

Adiar dinged 54 last night as I finished up a few Felwood quests and is now sporting 3 pieces of Valor gear. I know the D1 stuff sucks compared to the gear upgrades from the recent patch but I'm a collector. Do I plan on getting the full set for fun? Of course.

I had mentioned to an in-game friend of mine that I had planned on getting Quel'serrar, full Valor and starting the Thunderfury quest chain eventually.. to which I got a resouding "WTF for?" response.

I started playing WoW in May of 2006, shuffled around a few alts to find my niche' and eventually landed my first 60 in December later that year. The Burning Crusade landed in January of 2007 which gave me a little over 2 weeks to enjoy life as a level 60 and, of course, missed out on ALL of the level 60 raid zones outside of UBRS.

I've always been interested in the "old world" stuff and ALWAYS tell myself that I'd go back and do it all just to experiance it eventually. To some extent, I've done that. On the Horde side, to get our guild in to raid mode, we formed a team and cleared ZG as well as the first 2 bosses in AQ20. On my Alliance Warlock I've done MC about 3 or 4 times and collected a few pieces of my T1 set.

Where am I going with this?

In response to the "WTF for?" comment, for fun.

I already have 3 70's and have spent extended amounts of time gearing each of them. This time around, it's all for *gasp* fun. I wan't to see things I had never seen on any of my toons before and from a different perspective.

The first time I had ever seen Thunderfury my jaw dropped. I was playing my Troll Warrior pre-BC and had told my friends that one day I would have it. I wasn't joking. I know it's going to take forever but I'm in no hurry. I know people still like to run MC. Oh yes.. she will be mine.

There are other "old world" things on my list of things to do with my Warrior -

Acquire Quel'Serrar
Do a DM Tribute Run
Tank Onyxia
Clear BWL
Clear AQ20
Clear AQ40
Run Naxx (pre-BC Naxx but this is unlikely.)
Get full Valor set
Get full Might set
Tank Baron in Scholomance

To me it's not always about getting the best gear but to enjoy the experiance that I pay for. I've experianced the end-game part of TBC to an extent (raided 5/6 SSC and 2/4 TK) and want to see what I missed out on before.

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