Saturday, April 26, 2008


Dinged 55 and am now a bit over halfway through it thanks to last nights Scholomance run. I had read somewhere that Scholo is now 55+ so I figured as long as I was just going in as DPS that it would be fine but boy was I wrong.

The only mobs that were yellow to me were the 4 skeletons in the initial room but everything else was orange to red. The larger room (sorry i'm horrible with names) with the first deed was BRUTAL! I forgot about the mass amount of damage the ghosts do and how annoying the chain fearing was from the others. Having your Pummel miss 9 out of 10 Dark Mending's was also no fun at all.

We did a "fun run" with a 66 Druid tank and a 54 Mage from our guild and tried to 3-man it. No way in hell! The Druid hearthed and respecced Resto and his brother signed on to his raid-geared Prot Paladin to help out. Once he showed up it was MUCH easier but the mobs still had their fun with the Mage and I.

The Mage, Zath, and I were the only ones with our trinkets on so we banked on all the Scourge Stones and I ended up with 7 Corruptors Stones. Ras was kind enough to drop his main-hand axe (FINALLY and upgrade to the epic Bloodrazor from 45) and Darkmaster Gandling handed over his Helm of Valor. We didn't get the Blood to drop so I couldn't get a shot at my Boots of Valor T_T.

I still really like the instance but being unable to fully DPS the whole time was a bit of a letdown. I'll hold off until I'm 57 before I try to go back for anything else. I think we might give Strat a shot with the same group but hopefully I'll be able to lay waste to a few Winterspring quests and be 56 by then.

4/8 Valor is still nice =)

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