Monday, April 14, 2008

Kara: Round 2

With the mass amount of upgrades I've gotten for Mutoh, I was asked to attend our casual Kara run on Friday last week. Unlike last week, I got 3 pieces of healing gear, another T4 Helm token and 22 badges of justice. To round out my healing set, I used the token on the Resto spec helm.

I did manage to pull my weight this time with the help of the recent upgrades and after the run and a few more heroics I picked up the badge shield. I know Nightbane drops a caster shield but it's MP5 and not crit. Crit is my friend.

Saturday night after our guilds ZA run, some people still wanted to raid so they through a collective Gruuls run together for an easy 5 badges. It consisted of half Grand Theft Kodo members and the other half Unrestrained members. Some of Unrestrained are former GTK alumni so we worked together fine and 2 shotted High King and sent Gruul packing in 1 shot.

They offered to let me take Mutoh in and I actually won my T4 shoulder token. Cyclone Shoulders FTW! Afterwards we ran heroic UB and I picked up the epic legs from the Black Stalk. My Shammy is sexified!

I've been in need of another alt to take up my time and have a Warrior, Shadowpriest, Moonkin and Rogue available. My Moonkin is on hold until my wife gets bored with her Hunter alt and comes back to play her Shadowpriest so Jandrae is out of the question. Telura, my Shadowpriest, is fun sometimes but it's a little boring since i've already played 2 Warlocks and leveled both Affliction from 10-50. I've played the DoT-n-Run game twice. Bucksavage, the new Rogue, is fun but more a screw around type toon. I decided to stick with Adiar, my Warrior.

I sent her some gold, respecced her DW Fury and got 3 levels on her last night. I heard that 2H wasn't a good leveling choice until 50 when you can afford to put points in to Fury for Imp Slam. The Splam spec, as it's called, puts out amazing DPS according to WoWwiki but is tough to master and requires a very slow 2h weapon. I might check it out later but for now I need to worry about leveling first.

At the moment, Adiar is half a bubble from 37 and I have 2 pieces of Herod's gear in my bank. I have a Troll Warrior at 53 but from there I'm clueless. I leveled Aulbeth as Prot and it was sort of a nightmare. I went DW Fury for a few levels but I mostly ran instances pre-BC with him so Prot was the way to go for me.

I love alts.

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