Friday, April 4, 2008


At the start of this blog I was hoping that I would have enough to write about with just focusing on my Boomkin, Jandrae. Sadly the level grind has been slower than expected (thank you 2.4 dailies, you bastards!) and a majority of my recent blogs have been about my main Warlock, Veresitha, and my main-alt Shaman, Mutoh.

Not today, but sometime soon I -might- change the focus of this blog from just my Moonkin to all of my toons since I suffer from alt-itis but have enough 70's and knowledge to give good (I think) info on each class and specs. Again, I'd like to have a strictly-Moonkin blog so I haven't talked myself in to this change yet.

If this does occur, I'll wind up tagging my posts with the classes mentioned inside to make it easier to navigate. I also update this blog from work about 98% of the time which explains the lack of images and nifty wowhead links. I'm going to start editing posts when I get home to include these things to make the blog more appealing, informative and easier on the eyes.

I also find this layout and color scheme and bit dull so I'll be toying around with the different layouts and whatnot sometime in the near future. I'm almost 100% sure I'm the only one who reads my blog anyway but who knows.. maybe someday a few people will start to read it and I don't want them to run scared from the drab appearance of ZOMGZ Treants. Speaking of which, the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue so a name change might be due as well. We'll see ^_^.

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