Monday, June 23, 2008

Anetherowned + TD gets Supremed.

I don't know how anyone else felt at last nights raid but something was off.

We started off going to Mount Hyjal and 1 shotted Rage Winterchill. Our main Shadowpriest and one of our Hunters got their bracers and we moved on to Anetheron. We dominated the trash flawlessly but Anetheron wiped us 4 times.

This is a boss that this guild has downed numerous times and we had a good setup.. but for some reason we couldn't even get him to 50% once. Healers mentioned having problems keeping our infernal tank up and reaching the rest of the raid and we had horrible luck with his Carrion Swarm hitting the same group that got the infernal spawn. Thats no bueno. Every so often the person getting the infernal spawn wouldn't run to the infernal tank fast enough and would take a huge beating.

After 4 wipes we decided to call it and go try Supremus. Saturday night, Total Dominance downed Najentus for the first time and had a try at Supremus. Their best attempt was 26%. Last night on our first shot we got him to 1% before wiping. Our 2nd attempt was haulted at about 40% with our tank dropping due to tanking him in the fire.

It was nice to finally experiance Hyjal beyond Rage Winterchill and to actually step foot in to Black Temple but it was a bit depressing only downing 1 boss in 4 hours. I was also really hoping for the trash mace to drop but, alas, it didn't and I'm STILL stuck using the Bringer of Death.. still.. in Hyjal & BT. Thats pathetic lol. Hopefully tonight Ahune drops that new epic staff (even though its poorly itemized).

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