Wednesday, June 25, 2008


7 more Ahune kills last night.. the same damn cloaks are dropping. Is the drop rate for the staff really THAT bad?

On a good note, I won 2 EOTS matches and gathered the rest of my tokens for the new S4 caster necklace and slapped a Veiled Noble Topaz in it.

Looks like Friday is going to be another Kael night. I'm not looking forward to wiping for 4 hours and I'm not confident we can down him but thats all part of raiding.. learning the fight.

I need to nail out some dailies for money since I'm too lazy and have too much to do at the moment to farm consumables. Blargh.

On another good note, a friend of ours that had quit WoW around February-ish came back to the game last night and we took him with us to heal for our Ahune attempts. He got one of the 3 healing cloaks that dropped. At least one went to good use.

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