Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arena Season 4 Confirmed.

Photo found online. This isn't me, I just loved that he's using the Corrupted Ashbringer.

As confirmed by a blue post via the official forums, Season 4 will start June 24th.

What does this mean?

Outside of horrible looking "Brutal Gladiator" (el oh el) PVP gear, all Season 1 gear will now be buyable from rep vendors much like the the blue gear is now. Season 2 will now be buyable with a mixture of honor and tokens much like Season 1 is now. I don't think the honor cost has been leaked yet but I wonder what they'll do about the weapons and other non-set epics?

This is good news for anyone with an undergeared or newly reached 70 character. The current blue PVP set can be purchased for a little under 150g and, albeit not Kara ready, is a good start. If they keep the price the same, this would also make gearing for offspecs a bit easier.

Mutoh is fully epicced outside of his chest peice which I'd be happy to pick up the S1 Elemental chest and the entire Enhancement set. I wouldn't mind picking Jandrae up some S1 healing pieces for the slots I haven't filled from Kara yet. Adiar is a few levels from 70 and full S1 would be an awesome start. I know it's blasphemous to show up to tank in S1 but it's better than the blues I'd have, I'm sure.

The downfall is that this is just another dumbing down of the game, making it easier for casual players to hang with the big boys that actually dedicate their time and effort to progress in the game. Sure it's S1 and S4 is available but buying epics for very little gold seems a bit cheap. I expect to see countless people showing up for Kara in full S1 isntead of actually TRYING (god forbid) to gear themselves.

I guess I'm torn because it's a good chance to gear up my alts really fast but at the same time I've been playing awhile and hate when things just get handed to people. On the other hand, WOTLK is being advertised with a November release date by EB Games and I think Blizzard is trying to milk it's own teet and give people the chance to experiance all the Burning Crusade has to offer before it's looked over by new players in WOTLK.

Buying S1 epics but still having to attune yourself to do Ony for fun? I don't get it.

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