Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck..

Got a solid group of friends to farm Ahune last night, swapping out for alts, etc., for a total of 9 summons. 7 of those attempts we downed him and every single one dropped a cloak.

The two wipes we had were due to the lack of AoE from our Lock on one attempt and our Mage on another. The fight is pretty fun and we had the easiest time with an Arms warrior handling adds. I actually got to Moonkin-tank one successful attempt which was pretty awesome.

I'm still after that damn staff..

Season 4 started today but S1 is nowhere to be found. Apparently the rumors were true that S1 can only be purchased with T4 tokens now.. it's not replacing the blue quality pvp gear from the rep vendor and can not be purchased for reduced honor costs. S2 can now be purchased which is nice. I need about 12k more honor for the staff which I think is my best option at this point.

I could go home and do 1 AV to get enough honor to buy the neck or hold off and get the staff.. weapons are apparently easier to come by but my luck is awful. We'll see.

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