Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eff Joo, Tidewalker!

Thats about how I felt tonight. We had a few no-shows so the raid started an hour later than scheduled but we still managed to one-shot Lurker, Leotheras and Fathom Lord. We wiped 3 times on Tidewalker and called it a night which dissapointed a few people but with the late start we were already 30 minutes over raid time.

Total Dominance does the Tidewalker fight a lot different then Grand Theft Kodo did. TD uses a Pally tank to bring all of the murloc spawns to Tidewalker so the AoE damages him as well. It works OK until the Pally tank gets the Watery Grave 3 times and a row and wipes the raid.. and the same thing happens every attempt thereafter.

I somehow managed to get Velvet Boots of the Guardian from Lurker on my first night. I think the other 3 people were rolling for offspecs and when they noticed I was rolling they all kindly passed to help me gear up with them. It was very welcoming and something I had never seen in GTK. I definitely feel like a part of TD right now, even though I'm still in recruit status.

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