Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Gear FTW

I wanted to seperate this blog from the previous one since it doesn't really deal with the same issue.

A group of us formed a regular Kara group for our alts that run every Saturday night. I'm taking Jandrae to gear her up after last week was so profitable. This week I ended up with about 18 badges (we skipped Illhoof and Netherspite due to lack of time), the Mantle of the Mind Flayer from Aran & the Ruby Drape of the Mysticant from Prince.

The Mantle is horrible (+spell pen FTL) but it has more spell damage and stats than my current shoulders so I took them. No other casters wanted them so they didn't count as my "roll" for the night. The cape from Prince dropped and +spell hit is win. I used my roll for that and beat the Warlock for it. Wewt!

Hopefully this weekend gives me the offhand from Netherspite and the neck from Moroes. =X

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