Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Guild Drama 4: The Finale

Ah, where to begin?

I am not a raider with GTK due to my work schedule conflicting with their raid times. My wife IS a raider with them and has been for 8 months, 3 of which she has been the Mage class leader. My wife has a close in-game friend that is also a Mage and raided with us in GTK.

As time went on, my wife grew tired of obvious favoritism, selfishness and (insert word here for "going behind class leaders backs and telling people to do what the guild leader thinks would boost their own dps instead of bettering the player and raid group") on behalf of the guild leader.

A former guildy of ours left for a more progressed guild, had been raiding with them for about a month and was quite happy. He is also friends with my wife's Mage friend and told him that their guild was hurting badly for 2 really geared Mages to down Archimonde and move on passed the first 4 bosses in BT. This sparked an interest in the Mage friend leaving our current guild for the more progressed guild and asked my wife to go with him for the 2nd Mage spot.

They were both unhappy with the current leadership (not all, but mainly the guild leader) and considered this for over a month. The Mage friend finally got fed up with up and gquit without posting a reason or telling anyone.

My wife continued to raid in our current guild and was whispered by an officer asking why her friend had left the guild. She told him that he had left for another guild because he wasn't happy but was asked if she was leaving as well. She responded that she wasn't sure what she was going to do and was instantly belittled and cussed out by the officer.

She never said she WAS going to leave, just that she wasn't sure what she was going to do. She wasn't sure if she was going to leave or just stop raiding altogether, etc., but this officer, in my opinion, overreacted and jumped down her throat for no reason and called her selfish.

She talked to the guild leader over vent shortly after, telling him that the officer she talked to treated her unfairly and wanted to talk to him about her future in the current guild and why she was unhappy. She was given an ultimatum that if she left GTK she was done and would not be allowed back followed by the guild leader trash talking her Mage friend saying he was trying to take her away from the guild.

If someone is unhappy and respectful enough to TALK with an officer and the guild leader about their situation and is, for lack of a better term, slapped in the face and disrespected, what are the odds that person is going to stay in the guild when they've been offered a raid spot by a more progressed group of people? Zero.

So my wife, after talking to the officer and guild leader, left a post on the guilds forums saying that it was a hard decision and that she would be leaving for another guild.. but did NOT mention how she was treated by the officer and guild leader out of respect for the guild and to avoid people leaving based on what happened to her.

I was furious at the way she was treated and /gquit shortly after. I am close with a few people from the guild and sent them a personal in-game mail explaining why I chose to leave and put all of my characters in to the Mage friends Alt guild until I found a new home.

My wife took the position in the new guild and starts raiding BT with them tonight to down Na'jentus, Supremus, Akama and Gorefiend and I wish her all the best. Shes an amazing Mage and very passionate about her class so she deserves better than the way she was treated in our previous guild.

Shortly after, a guild posted that they were recruiting a weekend late-night Moonkin for their 25-man content. I hadn't heard of the guild before so I assumed they were new and recruiting for Mag/Gruul. I questioned the person posting and he said they raid Hyjal at the moment and referred me to their website but he had armoried me and said that my gear might be an issue. I explained that I misunderstood and that I had a T5 geared Warlock that I would be interested in raiding with so I was told to apply online.

I apply but the application asks for the names and classes of my alts. I received an in-game letter from the guild leader.. on my Moonkin, not my Warlock. It said they were running ZA this Thursday and they would like to take me along. Puzzled, I responded and said that I was unsure if the time would work.

Later last night I received a whisper from an officer about my application and he, again, said my Moonkins gear might be a slight issue but he wanted to discuss it with the guild leader again and might have a raid spot for me. Wait, my Moonkin? I applied on my Warlock lol. They said they're more interested in a raiding Moonkin that fit their schedule and he liked my personality so he'll talk to the guild leader and see where to go from here.

As it stands right now, I'm nervously awaiting their response as I would LOVE to raid end game content on my Moonkin.. but I wouldn't be that upset if they turned me down. A bit depressed because no one likes rejection, but I'd understand their reasoning. ;)

Another guild had formed from the ashes of a 25-man guild and just wanted to do some easy weekly Kara clears so I signed up to raid on my Shaman with them.. however they want him as a healer. Boo. I respecced Resto and I HATE it. I'll see how tonight goes in Kara and if it sucks I'll just tell them healing isn't for me and see if they want my lock instead.

So there is the weekend drama in a nutshell.

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