Friday, June 6, 2008

You Live & You Learn.

As I continue raiding with Jandrae, a few things have come up that I'd like to point out as well as some macros that I would like.

In Zul'Aman, spamming Rank 1 Entangling Roots on the Scouts is just as effective as the max rank and is far more mana friendly.

On raid bosses, using Rank 1 Faerie Fire with the Improved Faerie Fire talents provides the same +3% hit rating as is far more mana friendly.

Being a Moonkin that normally runs with a Paladin and isn't as geared as the rest of the DPS, it's kind of pointless to take the Subtlety talent and I should have taken Intensity isntead for 15% mana regen while casting.

If a boss has no aggro table (i.e. Aran) I can blow my entire mana bar in 20 seconds. That sucks. I need to learn how to conserve mana. Badly.

I need to make a macro for Entangling Roots that casts the max rank with a shift modifier for rank 1 (for times like ZA or PVP).

Thats about all I can think of at the moment.

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